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Philips Norelco All-In-One Trimmer

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In a world where every moment counts, facing the challenge of looking your best without the hassle becomes an everyday struggle. We were on a mission to revolutionize grooming and teamed up with content creator Daren Girdner. The objective? To break through the clutter of influencer content, crafting authentic narratives that seamlessly blended with both the creator's style and the brand's social media presence. The spotlight shone on the All-in-One Trimmer Series 9000, aiming to not only raise awareness but to evoke desire through engaging content.


In the ever-evolving realm of influencer marketing, where audiences demand authenticity, Access Brand Communications embarked on a transformative journey. Recognizing the shift in consumer attitudes towards influencer-brand partnerships, the agency veered away from conventional briefs. Instead, they embraced a paradigm where creators became the architects of their own narratives. This strategic pivot wasn't just about product placement; it was a deliberate effort to let influencers, such as the talented Daren Girdner, infuse their unique voices and perspectives into the storytelling process.

Daren, handpicked for his prowess in storytelling and dynamic editing, emerged as the linchpin in this innovative approach. The All-in-One Trimmer Series 9000 ceased to be just a grooming tool; it metamorphosed into a protagonist in Daren's story—a high-tech companion seamlessly integrated into the rhythm of his bustling New York lifestyle.

The brilliance of this strategy lay in its departure from the conventional advertising trope. Daren's content wasn't about a straightforward display of product features; it was a holistic experience. The strategic decision to let the All-in-One Trimmer Series 9000 play a role in Daren's narrative added depth, relatability, and entertainment. By doing so, the product became an integral part of the audience's lifestyle, breaking the traditional barriers that often exist between a consumer and a grooming device. This not only set the content apart but also ensured that the product was organically woven into the fabric of Daren's story, making it more memorable and impactful in a landscape inundated with promotional content. In essence, Access Brand Communications not only reframed the creative process but also elevated the influencer-brand collaboration to an art form where the product wasn't just showcased but lived within the narrative tapestry of the creator's content.


With Philips Norelco’s primary KPIs being brand awareness and engagement, it’s clear that Daren’s post was a massive success.  Daren's content sparked a wave of engagement and admiration for its high production value. Viewers praised the ad's creativity, with comments flooding in about the product's excellence and the ad's entertainment value. His Reel reached 18,722 people (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden), landed 43,800 impressions, garnered an EMV of $2.6k, and had a sponsored engagement lift of 1.02x. His audience passionately engaged in the comments section, with comments like “Yea this ad sold me. Adding to my cart” and “No wayyy you actually shaved while walking!!! This is a phenomenal ad. Imma buy me a Philips.” Daren was proud of the content too, feeling empowered to leave his own comment to Philips Norelco and his audience: “Shout out to Philips Norelco. I enjoy working with brands who let me create something I enjoy. Truthfully it’s pretty difficult to make branded content enjoyable for you guys. I want to please both the brand, you and myself. Which is tough but I always appreciate the love and support y’all give me. Y’all helping me keep the lights on in this house.” . This success has not only elevated Philips Norelco's Always-On Campaign but has set the stage for further exploration of content creators with a genuine passion for storytelling.


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Access Brand Communications, Philips Norelco


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