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Philips Avent Influencer Program

Entered in Product Feature Video


To boost brand awareness and engagement, this campaign showcases Philips Avent's commitment to empowering families in their unique parenting journeys, supporting them through innovative products like the Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple. Parenting is no easy feat, and amid all the picture-perfect moments on social media, it can be hard to remember that even the small moments with baby are special.  Teaming up with influencers Rachel and Tom Sullivan, our objective was to break through the influencer content clutter, capturing authentic narratives seamlessly integrated into their style and our brand's social identity. The goal: reshape perceptions of the small, everyday moments and drive awareness for the Philips Avent Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple.


The parenting industry, inundated with influencer content, presented both a challenge and an opportunity. Recognizing the emotional depth of consumer connection in this space, Access Brand Communications strategized to portray Philips Avent as more than just a product but as an indispensable part of the familial journey. By shifting the narrative away from the typical product-centric approach, we aimed to spotlight the brand's role in embracing the seemingly mundane yet profoundly meaningful moments of parenthood.


Rachel Sullivan, known for her humorous voice and authentic storytelling, alongside her husband Tom, was selected for her ability to inject personality into everyday situations. Leveraging Tom’s reputation for being an excellent chef, particularly in feeding local college kids, the Sullivans seamlessly translated the feeding experience for their baby into an extravagant affair reminiscent of a Michelin-star restaurant. This creative storytelling not only elevated the Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple but also positioned it as a luxurious and essential part of the family's life.


This strategic departure from traditional influencer marketing transcended industry norms, breaking through the clutter of competition and other organic content. The playful and unconventional nature of the campaign turned the Natural bottle with Natural Response nipple into more than just a product; it became a unique and memorable experience. The campaign not only revitalized the content creator's approach but also allowed consumers to perceive the collaboration as an authentic extension of the Sullivans'


The results were nothing short of extraordinary. The campaign garnered significant attention, boasting over $1.6 million in earned media value. With a remarkable engagement rate exceeding 71%, the TikTok video alone accumulated over 8.8 million views and 1.6 million engagements. This success went beyond conventional key performance indicators, signaling a shift in the paradigm of influencer marketing. The campaign, driven by the innovative strategy and execution, not only met but exceeded the objectives, made a lasting impact on brand awareness and engagement for Philips Avent.


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Access Brand Communications, Philips Avent


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