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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Normani x Bose

Finalist in Dance Video

Entered in Music & Dance


To continue to drive brand relevance with an 18-34 female cohort, we partnered with Normani, a multi-faceted pop artist, to create Bose’s first-ever collab product available for sale. Our content and media strategy teased her unreleased single, “Candy Paint,” from her much-anticipated forthcoming first solo album.  

This hero spot showcases Normani’s creative process as a singer, dancer, and artist. In addition to crafting this story around Normani’s creative approach, we put that process into motion by collaborating with the singer on Bose’s very first sellable collaboration product: Limited Edition Normani x Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II.

Normani was directly involved in the design process of this product, which features an eye-catching purple iridescent finish. On the earbud case, fans find a clue, “a little Easter egg on the back,” Normani teases in our video which debuts the limited-edition earbuds, and nodding to her highly anticipated track “Candy Paint." Of this detail she said, “It’ll all make sense in the grand scheme of this body of work, which I’m really excited about.”

For paid media, we had two main pushes: an awareness driving campaign touting the Normani hero video, dance video, and cutdowns spanning June through August, and a traffic driving campaign supporting our collaboration product in August. The awareness driving campaign was intended to increase viewership (as measured by VVR) and the traffic driving campaign was intended to drive site visits (as measured by CPSV, SVR).

Strategy and Execution

To introduce the partnership, we created a spot that teases a track from Normani’s highly anticipated solo record, “Candy Paint.” The spot highlights Normani’s focus on each layer and complexity of her music—and how that translates into her unique sound inspired by her upbringing, her roots as a dancer, and the power music has had in her life. 

Alongside our legacy of perfecting sound experiences, the relationship is a natural fit. The spot, which appeared on and across digital surfaces, highlighted the magic that happens in music with precision and attention to detail, especially when combined with movement. 

Following the announcement of the partnership, we began teasing the upcoming product collaboration on our owned social channels which captured the attention of Normani fan pages and drummed up excitement ahead of the product drop date.

We conducted a paid media campaign to raise awareness for our partnership with Normani, utilizing Instagram and TikTok, along with premium placements on YouTube Music Lineups, YouTube CTV, and TikTok Fashion Pulse. Our platform selection was informed by insights from previous music activations, focusing on platforms where Normani has a strong presence and seeking out contextual alignments such as with Fashion Pulse. The campaign featured Normani's hero piece, dance video, and cutdown videos aimed at boosting awareness, generating buzz, and building excitement around the partnership and Bose products. 

Additionally, Bose collaborated with Normani to create custom collaboration QuietComfort Earbuds II. We implemented a one-day paid media push across TikTok and Meta to drive traffic to the site, aiming to sell out the collaboration earbuds and promote them effectively.


The release of our brand hero spot on socials achieved virality, causing “Normani” to trend within the top ten topics on X (Twitter) within an hour of launch.

The content drove conversation amongst Normani fans and pop music listeners with the preview of “Candy Paint” in our brand hero spot, garnering 7.3 million cumulative views across the top 20 Twitter posts in the first 24 hours. Our Instagram collab post with Normani garnered 16.5M views in 7 days. 

The Normani June-August brand paid media activation drove viewership 21% above benchmark. TikTok Pulse drove the strongest performance compared to benchmarks driving a video view rate +28% above benchmarks. YouTube Music Lineups outperformed viewership benchmarks by 18%. These strong viewership metrics showed that we were effective in driving awareness with our media spend.

We successfully generated interest and intrigue leading up to the drop of the Normani x Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, leading to our product selling out within the first 24 hours. From a paid media perspective, we drove a total of 3.2M impressions and 8.8K site visits across TikTok and Meta.

Organically, sentiment for this product drop was incredibly positive, and most comments came from female Normani fans who were excited about the Bose partnership, showcasing how this was a strategic partnership that effectively drove relevancy for Bose amongst our growth audience.


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