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Navigating New Heights: Socialfly's Triumph in SUMMIT's Paid Search Strategy

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SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is New York City's newest and greatest cultural landmark. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt blends elements of art, technology, architecture, and thrill to take the concept of New York City's “observation deck” to entirely new heights. SUMMIT chose Socialfly as its Paid Media Agency of Record in September 2022. Socialfly is responsible for managing its holistic Paid Media portfolio, consisting of Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic (Display and Video), and Connected TV, to increase revenue, while simultaneously improving margins.


Socialfly first sought to improve the efficiency of SUMMIT’s existing platforms (Paid Search, Paid Social, and Programmatic) before launching new initiatives. With Paid Search making up a majority of the spending amongst SUMMIT’s existing platforms, any improvements to it were going to make the biggest impact on SUMMIT’s overall Media spend.

Aiming to reduce CPA and scale spend, Socialfly completely restructured all of SUMMIT’s campaigns utilizing a Full Funnel campaign structure that removed audience duplication (avoiding unnecessary inflated costs) and messaging that pushed users through a flow.

More specifically, Socialfly created campaigns that were broken down by audience segments that aligned with the marketing Funnel:


Utilizing this structure allowed Socialfly to control how much budget was being spent on each Funnel segment and to deliver ads to the users based on where they were at in their purchasing journey to ensure they were continuing to move forward. Also, segmenting the account by audience segment ensured that there were not two campaigns with targeting overlap, avoiding internal competition, which inevitably drives up an account’s costs (CPCs).

The new campaign structure, combined with Responsive Search Ad copy that spoke directly to the user's most recent and aspirational actions, created greater holistic efficiency for SUMMIT’s Paid Search.

This same strategy was implemented across SUMMIT’s other platforms in addition to Paid Search.



Socialfly’s tactful and flawlessly executed approach generated strong, positive results across the board. The most impactful results were in Paid Search, where Socialfly scaled the channel while reducing costs, allowing SUMMIT to benefit from incremental revenue.


Why Does This Entry Deserve To Win

Socialfly’s successful improvement of SUMMIT’s Paid Search was focused on thoughtful strategy and flawless execution. In a world full of automation and tool stacks that typically only benefit the media partners, this was an example of an agency and brand working together to deploy a tactful strategy that leveraged fundamental marketing techniques and in turn, drove impactful results. Not every agency and brand can leverage costly software, and most brands don’t need to. This is a prime example of identifying the problems, aligning tactics, and executing within the capabilities of the platforms, to drive results superior to those often seen with brands leveraging an abundance of tools, instead of human strategy and execution.



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Socialfly, SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

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