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School of Block, part of the Ledger Academy, pioneers crypto education via immersive, gamified experiences. The goal is to onboard the next generation into crypto, NFTs, blockchain, web3, and the metaverse by simplifying complexities and highlighting broader utility beyond trading. The initiative aims to foster innovation in emerging tech, contributing significantly to Ledger's growth.


Ledger views this education as integral to the future of financial literacy, distinguishing itself as the number two platform globally for crypto and digital asset education. The Ledgerverse, within the Metaverse, serves as a community hub, fostering engagement, co-creation, and education on crypto security and digital sovereignty. Inclusive and chain-agnostic, it evolves with technology and community input.


The Ledgerverse employs a gamified approach to educate on crypto security and digital self-custody. Starting on The Sandbox, it adapts to technological shifts and community needs. The unique blend of gamification and education aims to make learning enjoyable, emphasizing not just web3 hype but the transformative potential of these technologies. School of Block's vision aligns with shaping a future where financial literacy is dynamic, engaging, and community-driven, contributing to a more accessible understanding of crypto and its applications.



The first iteration, a futuristic school within the Ledgerverse, became the cornerstone of School of Block. Participants navigated through gamified experiences, learning about crypto security while engaging in battles against hackers and scammers. The successful completion of the map rewarded users with the chance to mint a Ledgerverse armor NFT. Adding an element of rarity and excitement, one lucky player discovered a special 1/1 armor hidden within the map.


Now, with the launch of "Into the Factory," School of Block enters its second iteration. Set in a voxelized version of Ledger's factory in Vierzon, the map offers an immersive journey into Ledger's history. Participants delve deeper into each element of a ledger, gaining insights into the creation process of Ledger's secure hardware wallet devices. The introduction of a white hacker dungeon adds a new dimension, allowing users to explore various possible attack vectors.


Collaborations with partners like Deadfellaz, Claynation, and Agoria bring additional depth to the experience, introducing side quests within the map. This not only enriches the educational content but also aligns with Ledger's vision of a dynamic and evolving metaverse driven by community input.


The goal is to make Web3 education more accessible and engaging by using gaming as a vehicle and making it part of the Web3 journey, i.e enabling folks to experience Web3 why they learn about it. The challenge is creating a digital experience that is engaging and educational at once. Our solution was mainly centered around using key educational content from Ledger Academy and working with scriptwriters and game designers to turn it into a script and story that is embodied by characters, locations and collectibles that imbue meaning into the Ledger brand and create a strong emotional bond with the community.


School of Block's journey from its inception to the launch of "Into the Factory" reflects a commitment to making crypto education accessible, enjoyable, and community-driven. The initiative stands as a testament to Ledger's overarching mission to shape the future of financial literacy through innovative and engaging experiences in the rapidly evolving world of crypto and blockchain.



The first episode of School of Block achieved remarkable engagement and success with 300,000 players, 1.5 million impressions, and 110,000 graduates. Participants completed 4.6 million quests, showcasing active involvement and a genuine pursuit of knowledge. Becoming the #1 Branded experience on the Sandbox validated our recognition within the metaverse.


Beyond sheer numbers, the acquisition of 19,000 certifications through partnerships with leading entities like Samsung and NFT Paris affirmed the educational value provided. School of Block not only educated on crypto but also cultivated an active gamer community eager to conquer missions. This community, coupled with the project's success in becoming the top Branded experience and number two platform globally for crypto and digital asset education lays a strong foundation for sustained engagement and future iterations.


In essence, the results reflect the success of our immersive educational approach, meeting objectives by effectively educating a broad audience, creating tangible value through certifications, and fostering an engaged community. School of Block has not only clarified crypto complexities but has become a catalyst for Ledger's mission to shape the future of financial literacy in the digital era.



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