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& Juliet: Creating A New Pop Brand For Broadway

Finalist in Multi-Platform Presence


From the get-go, we knew establishing a strong, pop presence on Broadway depended on a comprehensive social media strategy designed to immerse our core audience into the essence of the & Juliet brand. Recognizing the pivotal role of Max Martin and positioning him as the “Shakespeare of Pop,” the creator behind many chart-topping hits by renowned artists such as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and Katy Perry, we knew we needed to leverage his legacy and songs as the heartbeat of Juliet’s journey.

Our overarching objective was clear: to position & Juliet as a groundbreaking new Broadway musical experience that seamlessly intertwines captivating storytelling, uproarious humor, and a soundtrack featuring beloved pop classics. Through our social media channels, we aimed to forge an emotional connection with our target demographic, enticing them with the promise of an unforgettable theatrical adventure.


Crafting our master plan, our aim transcended mere introduction; we aspired for a coronation, positioning ourselves as the quintessential hot ticket for pop culture enthusiasts. Our focal point: a target audience steeped in a fervor for all things trendy and captivating.

With clarity of purpose, our goal emerged: to enthrall pop culture aficionados by revealing an untold Juliet, seizing control of her destiny. Central to our narrative, we spotlighted the iconic music of Max Martin, interweaving his pop melodies into our storyline's fabric. Simultaneously, we endeavored to unveil the unmistakable humor and vivacity inherent in David West Read's script—mind behind the beloved series "Schitt's Creek"—promising an abundance of laughter and joy.

Wasting no time, we plunged headfirst into content creation, recognizing the paramount significance of Instagram and TikTok as the premier domains of our audience. We directed the spotlight onto these platforms, amplifying our message and engaging our community in innovative ways. Instagram and TikTok reels emerged as our focal point, showcasing behind-the-scenes glimpses, character spotlights, fan challenges, viral video trends, and ensuring our audience remained at the forefront.

Opportunity didn't knock; it arrived in the form of celebrity visits to our show. Seizing these moments, we captured video not limited to cast photo ops, enriching our social platforms with authentic, engaging content.


When we initially conceptualized our social media presence, our aim extended beyond mere marketing; it was about cultivating an immersive extension of the magic that is & Juliet.

Through meticulously crafted content, we invited fans to partake in our universe, offering them an exclusive glimpse behind the curtains to experience the drama, humor, and sheer thrill of the nightly performances. From fan collaborations, music videos, character insights, and trending topics, we provided our followers with an insider's view, fostering a profound sense of inclusion and excitement that set our social platforms apart from other Broadway shows.

And the outcomes? The metrics undeniably underscore our triumph. Our engagement surged, our follower base burgeoned, and our production emerged as the 2023 season's highest-grossing new musical. We're delighted to affirm that our social media strategy garnered and continues to garner attention but also nurtured a deeper rapport between our audience and the show itself. It transcends conventional marketing; it's an immersive encounter, and the metrics tell a compelling story.


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AKA NYC, & Juliet


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