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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

The Mama's Den Podcast

Finalist in Lifestyle & Entertainment Podcast

Audience Honor in Family and Parenting


The Mama's Den podcast, an integral part of Black Love's multi-platform content lineup, stands as a compelling and unfiltered podcast community centered around authentic Black maternal experiences. With a focus on fostering genuine conversations, the podcast provides a dedicated space for mothers worldwide to share their joys and challenges, celebrating the diverse spectrum of day-to-day mommy life. Hosted by notable figures like Grammy Award-winning musician Melanie Fiona, entrepreneur and influencer Felicia La Tour, writer Ashley Chea, and Black Love Founder Codie Elaine Oliver, the podcast ensures expertise and reliability in its discussions. By exploring a wide spectrum of topics including motherhood, race, sexuality, health, religion, and dating, the podcast aims to resonate with a diverse audience of mothers. Additionally, The Mama’s Den delves into nuanced topics as seen in previous episodes covering adult friendships, co-parenting, the role of spirituality within families, the occasional guilt mothers feel when separated from their children, and more. In essence, The Mama’s Den stands as a vital and enriching podcast, fostering genuine conversations and championing the celebration of women’s experiences, particularly in the context of motherhood.

Strategy and Execution

The core idea behind The Mama’s Den was to share motherhood stories authentically and vulnerably. Black Love sought to explore how motherhood shapes one’s identity by providing a space that validates the various experiences of motherhood while building a community of mothers, aunties, and anyone engaging with kids that is safe, unapologetic, and authentic. The podcast’s uniqueness lies in its commitment to moving beyond conventional motherhood tips and instead, delving into unfiltered conversations. There’s no such thing as being a perfect mom and The Mama’s Den excels at showcasing both the triumphs and challenges that come with the journey of being a mom and navigating parenthood.

The main goal behind The Mama’s Den is to foster an environment where no topic is off-limits. The hosts encourage disagreement, dialogue around varied opinions, and the ability to share perspectives openly, fostering an atmosphere of authenticity and vulnerability. At times, the hosts hold varying viewpoints, which adds depth to the discussions by fostering an enriching diversity of perspectives. This approach aligns with the mission of the podcast, which is to provide a space that validates the varied experiences of motherhood. The goal was not only to share insights but also to build a community that extends beyond traditional boundaries, including mothers, aunties, and anyone contemplating parenthood. This community is envisioned as a safe, and unapologetic space where individuals can connect and relate on a profound level.

The four influential hosts contribute to the project's distinctiveness by offering diverse perspectives and expertise from their own experiences as mothers with a combined total of 11 children. What sets The Mama’s Den apart is that these four Black moms, while they share the same skin color, represent different backgrounds and walks of life. From a Platinum-selling recording artist from Toronto who had to juggle parenting while touring the world to a mother who is raising multiracial children and helping them navigate societal qualms and racial expectations, this podcast highlights and celebrates the diversity that lies within the Black community.

Navigating society's expectations around motherhood can often be challenging, and having open and unfiltered discussions can often cause controversy. The Mama’s Den aims to tackle these challenges through open communication, thoughtful dialogue, and sticking true to what they believe in. Ultimately, The Mama's Den stands out as a unique project by prioritizing authentic conversations, creating a safe community, and redefining the narrative around motherhood, setting it apart from conventional motherhood-centric platforms. Importantly, The Mama's Den highlights the role sisterhood and friendship play in parenting. The journey often requires mothers to commiserate with and the mamas do that for one another and their audience.

It is not an easy feat executing a podcast with 4 hosts from production needs to, space, creative alignment - and 11 kids(!) - but Black Love has managed to keep the sisterhood at the forefront of the project as each of the hosts brings something very special to every conversation.  


The success of The Mama’s Den is reflected in the community the podcast has built over the past two years, bringing together not only mothers but a diverse audience of women and those engaging with children of all ages. The substantial social media following is a testament to the resonance of The Mama’s Den. With more than 60K followers on Instagram, countless viral social clips, 10K downloads per episode, and thousands watching the Mamas on YouTube, The Mama’s Den has reached and connected with a broad audience. These numbers affirm the podcast’s commitment to fostering open and authentic conversations aligning with the needs and interests of the community.

Beyond numerical metrics, the podcast has succeeded in creating a dynamic space that fosters a sense of belonging among a diverse audience. The open and honest conversations encouraged by The Mama’s Den have encouraged listeners and viewers to carry on the host’s practices in open communication, active listening, and the mutual exchange of support and understanding. Moreover, the transformative impact on the lives of numerous mothers of color stands as a powerful testament to the success of our efforts. The podcast has become a catalyst for positive change, offering a platform where diverse voices are heard, experiences are shared, and a supportive community is cultivated.


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