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Inside the Walt Disney Animation Research Library Vaults

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At Walt Disney Animation Studios, we are deeply proud of our legacy of films and how they inspire the films we create today. Within our studio, the Walt Disney Animation Research Library (ARL) is home to over 65 million pieces of production art that created the films fans know and love, which are stored in top-secret vaults that few can access. Our series takes viewers right into the heart of Disney Animation’s history, by revealing rarely seen artwork, all while shining a spotlight on the artistry of our films and the talented individuals throughout the decades that have contributed to Disney Animation.


Working together with the ARL team, we identified the pieces of artwork that the Manager of Research Fox Carney (the host of each video) would speak about. We looked for pieces that have interesting backstories, highlighted individual artists’ work, and helped to illustrate particular steps in the animation process.

The ARL is not open to the public and houses millions of storyboards, models, and all manner of concept art from sketches to oversized paintings. The series is truly a rare – if not the only – opportunity for fans to go behind the scenes at a Disney location that few have visited. In addition to traveling inside the vault, each piece of art is unveiled from its storage box by Fox, adding an unboxing element to surprise and delight our audience.

While the pieces we feature are the main focus, the series wouldn't be what it is without Fox's charming expert commentary. In his over 30 years at the Walt Disney Company, Fox is well-known for being a go-to source on the history of Disney Animation, not just to the team of researchers he leads, but also to the entire company looking for inspiration and insight. His knowledge and passion for Disney Animation shine through in each video.

We work very nimbly to create our content and complete the work in house, from ideation to execution. It is important that the series feel right at home on a viewer's TikTok feed, so we capture our videos on iPhones and intentionally don't over-produce the final product.


As the comments from fans started to come in on the first video asking for more, we knew we had a unique combination of elements that would make this series a hit with audiences. Over 23 million views later, we surpassed what we thought the reach of this series might be and have brought a greater awareness to the work of Disney Animation and the Walt Disney Animation Research Library. Each video presents the viewer with the opportunity to revisit moments from their favorite Disney Animation films from a different perspective. We never take it for granted that the films this studio has produced over the last 100 years make an impact on people generation after generation. It's truly the most fulfilling part of work to be able to showcase the talent and artistry that goes into creating these beloved films.


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