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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Audience Honor in Social Activism


Indisputable is hosted by Dr. Rashad Richey and is the fastest-growing news show in America. The show dives into the most pressing news of our time, providing insightful commentary and a heavy dose of fact-based truth. Every weekday, Dr. Richey covers stories about criminal justice, politics, social justice, policy, and racism. 



Strategy and Execution

Every day, Dr. Richey and his team tackle the most pressing issues surrounding, race, systemic bias, and social justice. Indisputable features fiery debates with conservative voices, penetrating news analysis, and community-sourced exclusive stories.

Through its exclusive reporting, Indisputable not only informs its audience but has actively reshaped the conversation. On August 24, 2023, Indisputable host Dr. Rashad Richey reported on the incident regarding Kianna Cooper being assaulted by Broward County Sheriff's Deputy, Steven Davis. Officer Davis misrepresented the altercation to charge Ms. Cooper with assault despite the existence of body cam footage that proved otherwise. The incident was largely ignored until Indisputable highlighted Kianna Cooper’s dire situation. Ultimately, the case was dismissed, Kianna was released, and her attorney thanked Indisputable for its role in securing justice for his client. 

It is because of instances like this that Indisputable has built a strong foundation of trust with its audience. They know that if they bring a story to Dr. Richey, he will give it the attention it deserves.




Indisputable strives to be a check on the persistent issues that plague society. Senator Jon Ossoff described Dr. Richey’s journalism as, “...fulfilling your public obligation to bring facts into public light and into the awareness of policymakers.” Through honest reporting and the bravery to take on opposing opinions, this program has garnered a socially proactive fanbase including 1 million YouTube subscribers. Together Dr. Richey is leading the charge into a new age of socially conscious digital media.



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