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Holiday AI

Entered in Artificial Intelligence


2023 marked the year of AI, with numerous forums and social discussions revolving around Artificial Intelligence, prompting clients and agencies to strive for the forefront. In light of this buzz, we decided to introduce our unique take on AI - presenting the AI Holiday Message Generator, designed to deliver personalized AI holiday messages to all our valued clients.


Utilizing available AI tools, a Holiday email was skillfully crafted to prompt our clients to engage and compose their personalized Holiday message. While initially seeming straightforward, we encountered constraints even with top AI tools. Refining the Holiday narrative and participant choices enabled users to tailor their story and produce a personalized lighthearted Holiday image. Users were guided to create a custom image for sharing on Instagram and Facebook.


We distributed emails to 45 clients and partners, directing them to the AI HOLIDAY web page. Subsequently, we observed increased repeat visits and extended engagement durations. Noteworthy were the commendable reviews received and the substantial interactions with the GENERATOR. It swiftly evolved into a valuable asset, resulting in a notable surge in traffic and returning visits within the brief 2-week launch phase.

126 visitors

18 returning visitors.

14% return rate

1:09 mins engagement time

7.81 Events per user


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Mindshape, Mindshape


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