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Hindsight was launched in 2020. This Al Jazeera docu-drama series brings to life tales of greatness, fame and infamy, sweeping listeners into rich soundscapes that tap into the essence of visionaries, poets, villains and artists. People who made an impact in our collective history. 

The driving idea behind Hindsight has been to tell really good stories from a region that is often featured in negative headlines. The Middle East is rich. Rich in culture, in history, in literature. Having lived there for nearly a decade, I felt acutely how understated this region is to not only western media, but to people generally. Personally, friends and family would ask whether I was safe? Or why do the women cover themselves? Are they forced to? The questions are valid. There really aren't a lot of positive stories hitting mainstream media about this region. 

 This is the driving force behind Hindsight. To break those stigmas apart. Like, for example, telling the stories of women who fought for equal rights and got it.  Hindsight aims to bring understanding, context to today's news. Discontent in Iraq, for example, and how some of it can be led back to a dictator. The trick of course, is how to get into the mind of a dictator. To understand Saddam Hussein you have to get close. And with Al Jazeera’s reach and connections we’ve been able to get very close.


Hindsight needed a name. A strong voice to carry the series that would make people listen. There really was no one else but Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones to pull that off. I called Charles Dances’ agent. He read the script and immediately signed on. The rest, as they say, is history.  

One of the greatest challenges has been how to tell the story. Historical documents can be rife with bias, no matter the subject. So who’s version of the truth is true?
Through research and collaboration with historians, journalists and people close to the subject, Hindsight has mapped out a timeline of our character’s lives. We decided to take a linear approach to their story and use a mix of fact and drama. Context is king, and dialogue is colour. If you could ask your favourite historical figure what they felt in their most vulnerable moment today their answer could be heard in Hindsight.

Hindsight brings our characters to life, in first person narration. As though they are with you telling their story.  Our seventh season comes out in 2024, but our sixth, and up for your consideration,  has been one of our most receptive. All of our characters are women.

In the 2023 season we decided it was time to really understand some of the women of the world’s history. Like Truganini: The Story of Tasmania’s First People.  Our most listened to episode of all time.  Hers is a story that could be told time and again, and one that has resonated among the world’s First People.   
Hindsight is truly unique in how it literally brings history to life in a podcast, while incorporating context, current affairs and heart. This docu-drama podcast hopes to understand what makes our characters tick. Because it was their actions that have reverberated through time and into our lives today.  


Truganini has resonated with our audience, bringing in more than 60-thousand listens. And people are talking about it. This listener sums up our hope and objectives for this series: Untold stories of people that are factual and unique.



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