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Healthcare 101: Spilling the tea on insurance jargon

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For many, navigating the intricacies of health insurance can feel like a maze and choosing the right plan can be overwhelming. Recognizing this challenge, Cigna Healthcare embarked on a targeted campaign to empower older Gen Z and younger Millennials with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health journey.

This innovative video series seamlessly blended organic and paid content while tackling the often-opaque world of health insurance terminology. Through engaging and informative videos, we equipped viewers with the tools to decipher key terms like "deductibles," "premiums," and "copays," enabling them to confidently compare and choose the plans that best fit their needs and lifestyles.

By focusing on this previously overlooked audience segment, we aimed to build brand trust and establish Cigna Healthcare as a reliable resource for older Gen Zers/Younger Millennials on their healthcare journey. The campaign's success extends beyond informative content – it's about fostering long-term engagement and establishing Cigna Healthcare as a partner in their evolving healthcare needs.


Using a specific cut of data from our 2023 Evernorth Vitality Index study, we sought to understand how Gen Z/Young Millennials perceive their health insurance benefits. The research showed that only 50% of Gen Z employees are satisfied with the benefits provided by their employers. We also learned that 33% of GenZers surveyed have insurance through their parent's health insurance plans - showcasing a need for education for when their parent-sponsored plans will expire.

Our research also showed us that social media utilization for our target audience is the highest among all generations (96%). The majority of the audience reported logging into YouTube, Instagram and TikTok daily, which is why we decided to utilize those channels the most in our channel-mix.

The research further uncovered that less than 40% of our target audience trusts healthcare companies for health and well-being information, signaling a clear trust gap we need to bridge. To address this, we've aimed to create an accessible approach to education on insurance terms that have real implications for their immediate and future financial health.

Using our own channel data, we saw the most engagement with short and long ''live action'' videos. Coupled with our audience data, we decided to do a series of videos that began with man-on-the-street interviews with our target demo. We then shot ''talking head'' videos explaining the terms we asked our subjects to define in the MOS-style video. The goal was to allow our target audience to see that they aren't alone in not understanding the terms and to give them a way to quickly get up-to-speed.

The campaign comprised five videos and ran during the annual open enrollment period — a crucial time for consumers to gain knowledge and insight on the insurance plans they’re researching and purchasing.


Campaign results for the Health Insurance 101 video series were positive, with video views exceeding paid and organic benchmarks. From a paid perspective, this series experienced higher than average engagement and video view rates with efficiency metrics in-line with benchmarks of similarly sized awareness campaigns. The organic video view rate exceeded the organic benchmark by almost tenfold. A key takeaway from a creative perspective is that “man on the street” or live action video has been a successful driver in keeping audiences engaged based on video view rate returns. The video style also created a sense of authenticity for Cigna Healthcare’s target audiences, given interview responses were unscripted and in the moment.

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