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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

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WB Games formed a close partnership with Home Brew Agency to promote the global launch of the mobile gaming sensation, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened. This enchanting experience would allow fans of this mega franchise to immerse themselves in a place they’ve always called home: Hogwarts.Our aim was to empower fans to "master the magic" by focusing on a campaign delivering on the enchanted schoolyear experience they had been waiting for. We wanted to appeal to fans of the franchise and mobile gamers both to acquire users and foster a creative and welcoming digital community.The foremost challenge we faced was a long build to release and a growing impatience from our audience. The game had already released in the Chinese mobile gaming market, and global audiences were demanding a release date for years. We aimed to ease this frustration and pivot sentiment to positivity and excitement for the global release.


Our team of motion designers created a fly-through video that captured the nostalgia of beloved settings, such as the Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, and the Quidditch pitch. This piece performed spectacularly, and fan anticipation only climbed from there.We fed into growing excitement with several series, including: a portal into various classrooms and their teachings, a set of descriptive character cards, and a monthly newsletter filled with announcements for the upcoming “school year.”Our dedication to the community voices proved to be a winning strategy as well. Since we communicated what fans could expect throughout the entire campaign, we were able to harness the long build-up to the global release to create a fan sentiment piece that highlighted their comments and conversations. This one post was able to successfully pivot fan sentiment as they felt we were on the same page with them, sharing in their anticipation.We educated our fans on the robust capabilities and facets to the game, such as the dueling club and the Forbidden Forest features, we also captured game-play with our partners at WB games to develop tips and tricks for success.


Wands were surely at the ready on the day of the game’s release. Our campaign strategy and dazzling content resulted in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened instantly soaring to #1 on the app store and earning over 3.5 million downloads in the first three weeks of global release. This was an unparalleled triumph in the mobile gaming world, and Home Brew is proud to have played such a crucial role in this launch's success.


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WB Games


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