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Good Omens S2 | The Ineffable Social Campaign

Finalist in Campaign by Diverse-Owned Businesses


As a minority-owned multicultural agency certified with the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), we pride ourselves on the diversity of our collective team and the betterment that brings to our clients and subsequently their campaigns. Pride and diversity played a huge role in the success of our “Good Omens” season two digital and social marketing campaign. 

We crafted our campaign around the following key insights:

With these insights in mind, we knew we needed to further target our younger audience members by leaning into the relationship between Aziraphale and Crowley and connecting to them with comedy.



With no paid media support and working against a hiatus of over four years, we knew we had to be strategic about how to meet our goals. We optimized our campaign by leaning hard into the fandom’s love for the two lead characters and the possibility of them getting into a romantic relationship which appealed most to our Gen Z, Millennial, and LGBTQIA+ audiences. With a number of our team members identifying with these groups, we were up for the challenge!

To better connect with our Gen Z and Millennial audiences we developed character playlists, shared out-of-context quotes, designed a show-themed low-fi video, and made plenty of memes! These users responded well to these unique social assets and comedic posts. 

Catering to our LGBTQIA+ fans, we seeded the pre-launch campaign with plenty of will-they-won’t-they Aziraphale and Crowley assets to pique their interest. Some agencies might have taken the approach of avoiding any inference of intimacy among the leads as not to ruffle feathers, but based on our strategic insights we decided this direction would be more beneficial than harmful for the campaign. If the majority of our audience were going to “ship” the two lead characters anyway, then we wanted to be the ones to package them up — acting as a key source for the fandom by giving them more of what they wanted!

Once we had our audiences’ attention, we kept them engaged with fun cryptic messages and imagery that they had to decipher in order to learn more details about this new season. Fans loved the gamification of these posts and kept coming back to our channels for more!

Along the way the writers’ strike happened, which limited the use of talent and show creators, forcing our team to get even more creative. Using a text/sms serving app called Community, we invited fans to directly share with us their tips, theories, and excitement for season two. We served fans bespoke and exclusive content and they came back to us with a wealth of enthusiasm for this new season. 

The campaign was also more inclusive by intentionally using gender-neutral pronouns for the angles — fans took notice with praise in the comments, increasing our positive sentiment. Additional comments were made by fans about their love and enjoyment of the campaign and its uniquely engaging creative assets.



Our audience was here for and loving all of it! The response on social was overwhelmingly positive with channel growth rates of 84% on Instagram and 78% on Twitter/X.  

Some people say the proof is in the pudding, but we say it’s in the numbers! 





That’s a total of over 95 million organic impressions and over 5.8 million organic engagements! 

Furthermore, the Community app activation was very successful—utilizing innovative engagement strategies, which not only served the existing fandom but also helped create affinity with new fans who were able to engage with the property in a new way. The result was an unheard-of 99.96% retention rate across the entire campaign, and a click-through rate of 86.89%, exceeding the Community app’s entertainment brand benchmark by over 10%.

Our key learning from this campaign is the better we understand our audience the better we can serve them. This is why we strongly believe in and continually strive for, maintaining a diverse group of creative individuals on our team. 



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Cynosure Creative Agency, Amazon Studios


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