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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Ghost Files

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Supernatural believer Ryan Bergara and his skeptical friend Shane Madej attempt to recreate the internet’s best paranormal evidence in the world’s most haunted locations in a quest to prove the paranormal to be real once and for all.

Strategy and Execution

In making Ghost Files we set out to bring to life a paranormal show that showcased a different perspective than any other ghost hunting show in existence with production value and style that rivaled anything on television. However, working with a YouTube budget, we relied heavily on the talented staff at Watcher who’s unique and varied skillsets allowed us to do so. We built an “underground bunker” set to film our studio and history portions. We established a format to deliver equal parts history, thrill, and comedy. And established a visual tone which our editors, graphic designers, director, and producers spent countless hours refining. That along with the fact that we had to be willing to enter legitimately haunted buildings, if you believe in that sort of thing, one of our co-hosts very vocally doesn’t.


Other than the large audience that the show has garnered, we’re very proud of how the show turned out. The set materialized much like we imagined it would. The visual style of the show is distinct. The balance of comedy and horror is where we hoped it would land. And we’ve been able to tour the country to screen the show to the community of fans that the show has gathered over its two seasons.


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Watcher Entertainment


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