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Influencer, @frankvinyl at Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg

Entered in Multi-Platform Presence


A hotel brand that is serious about play, Moxy Hotels set out to captivate the attention on social media of its target guest, the Fun Hunter, a traveler that shares a playful spirit that makes them young at heart, whether they’re 26 or 76.

Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg is a brand new hotel. The idea driving the work for an influencer staying at the new Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg hotel revolved around showcasing the unique blend of the playful, modern design, vibrant culture, and trendy atmosphere that epitomizes both the Moxy brand and the Williamsburg neighborhood.

To generate mass awareness and to drive engagements of this brand new hotel in Moxy's portfolio, Moxy partnered with @frankvinyl, a trendy travel influencer that rollerskates through life and is exceptional at creating top-notch transitions in her content. 


The specific strategy and execution for the influencer's stay at Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg included:

  1. Strong Talent Partner: Moxy set out to partner with @frankvinyl, a trendy travel influencer that rollerskates through life and is exceptional at creating top-notch transitions in her content. @frankvinyl was selected because:
    1. Audience: @frankvinyl has an Instagram account with 135,000 followers and 122,400 followers on Tik Tok. She also appeals to a largely Gen Z and Millennial demographic, the target audience. 
    2. Credibility: @frankvinyl has built trust in her audiences by creating trendy travel content.
    3. Playfulness: since Moxy Hotels is all about play, @frankvinyl is also all about play. She rollerskates but also has a playful aesthetic, wardrobe, adventurous mind, and personality. 
  2. Content Creation: Produce high-quality, engaging content for Instagram and Tik Tok such as photos and videos that capture the essence of Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg to showcase the playful design, amenities, and atmosphere. Tasked the influencer to create content that is trendy and culturally relevant - the famous GRWM (Get Ready with Me) series and more.
  3. Emphasizing Location: Given the hotel's location in the vibrant, playfull neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the influencer focused on exploring the local culture, including nearby attractions, artistic hubs, to provide followers with a taste of the area's personality and playfulness.
  4. Active Engagement: Ensure active community management of likes, comments, reshares, and more to increase engagements with users.
  5. Instagram Collaborations: Instagram collaborations with Moxy Hotels and @frankvinyl were prioritized to cross-promote each other's content and extend the reach of the campaign.
  6. Paid Amplifcation Budget: Target the right audience with this content to drive awareness and engagements.
  7. Challenges: a challenge to overcome is for @frankvinyl's content to stand out from her competitors doing the same trendy concepts. You'll see below how she did just that...she rollerskates! 

Overall, influencer's stay at Moxy Brooklyn Williamsburg served as an opportunity to amplify the brand and the hotel's unique selling points, connect with their audience in an authentic way, and contribute to the brand's and property's success through effective brand promotion and engagement.


The results are attributed to reach and own, earned and paid metrics totaling 5,655,500 million impressions and 1,990,400 million engagements.

This project was consider extremely successful due to the fact that engagement rate is 35%, which is well above industry benchmark of 3-5%. 

The influencer also created content that was trendy and culturally relevant - the famous GRWM (Get Ready with Me) series and more.

Plus, the comments are a testament to our efforts of driving awareness of this new hotel and driving active engagements, examples as follows:

"Looks amazing ❤️ what a hotel"

"Sounds amazing ❤️ putting it on my list"

"Such amazing transitions 👏👏 loved it"

"@moxyhotels are so great! Love your transition!"



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Moxy Hotels on behalf of Marriott International


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