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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Redefining Luxury: The Debut of Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Entered in Hospitality, Real Time Response


Fontainebleau Las Vegas, poised for a high-profile launch, aimed to make a memorable impact with its grand opening and iconic New Year’s Eve ball drop celebration. Our objectives were clear: harness the power of real-time response for heightened social engagement and follower growth while solidifying the brand’s identity and position as a leader in the luxury hospitality sector.

To achieve this, we deployed a specialized team to provide on-the-ground coverage at both events. Our strategy revolved around expertly crafting and editing compelling live video and photo content, immediately disseminated across Fontainebleau’s social platforms. This rapid-fire approach transformed these events into unmissable, immersive digital experiences, fostering a deep sense of audience participation and community.

By embracing dynamic storytelling, we fueled virality and sparked widespread social engagement. Through our efforts, Fontainebleau Las Vegas experienced explosive follower growth, skyrocketing from 10K to 90K followers, a remarkable 800% increase that firmly established the brand’s dominance in the luxury hospitality sector. Our innovative marketing approach not only exceeded our initial objectives but also set a new standard for launch events in the luxury hospitality industry.

Strategy and Execution

Grand opening: 

The grand opening of Fontainebleau Las Vegas was an unparalleled opportunity to spotlight the property and solidify its status as a pinnacle of luxury on the Las Vegas strip. Our strategic approach entailed meticulous planning and flawless execution, aimed not only at ensuring captivating and comprehensive coverage but also at seamlessly editing and sharing content in real-time.  

Our strategy unfolded over several days, beginning with capturing the hotel’s remarkable features to generate buzz.  On the day of the opening, our team embarked on a mission to capture the event through live coverage. We mobilized a dynamic team comprising over 50 photographers, videographers, producers, and editors, strategically stationed across the expansive property. Our strategy ensured an exhaustive visual narrative of pivotal moments, VIP encounters, performances, and the overall electrifying ambiance. 

Our coverage transcended mere documentation. We thoughtfully curated a visual narrative that encapsulated the excitement and grandeur of the occasion. The night began by capturing the flurry of activity as celebrity guests descended onto the blue carpet. Once arrivals had taken place, our team positioned itself across 11 different venues, each with different greeters, entertainers, and experiences.

As the evening unfolded our team captured all of the entertainment including behind the scenes preparation, aerialist performances, speeches, and finally, a surprise performance by Justin Timberlake. Once the formal activities of the opening concluded, it was time to showcase the property’s incredible nightlife offerings. Our team moved into 4 different nightlife venues to capture the afterparty and into the casino floor to capture the inaugural dice roll.

With over 4000 guests in attendance and multiple venues to cover, our team had to navigate through crowds and swiftly adapt to changing scenarios to ensure comprehensive coverage. Moreover, managing technical difficulties required agility and quick decision-making. However, our team's resilience, adaptability, and commitment to excellence enabled us to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results. 

Our coverage not only celebrated the grand opening, but transformed it into a global sensation, unfolding in real-time across social media. Through our immersive storytelling we allowed our audience to feel intimately connected and part of the festivities as if they were experiencing every moment firsthand. 

NYE Ball Drop:

Fontainebleau’s 70th anniversary was commemorated at the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square. As the clock struck midnight, Times Square glittered with the historic relighting of the ball, which featured the Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ iconic bowtie pattern. 

Legendary singer and songwriter, Paul Anka, serenaded the crowd with a special rendition of “My Way." This was followed by a video appearance and performance by Post Malone, streamed live from the Fontainebleau. 

To capture the essence of this unforgettable night, our team mobilized a cohort of photographers, videographers and editors. Split between New York and Las Vegas, our team captured the pulsating energy of Times Square at midnight and Post Malone’s dynamic performance in Las Vegas. Through meticulous planning and coordination, we shared a captivating narrative that spanned two coasts, celebrating the magic of New Years Eve for audiences worldwide.


Our strategic efforts yielded remarkable results for Fontainebleau. With a keen focus on explosive follower growth, remarkable press coverage, increased brand awareness, and dominance as a leader in luxury hospitality, our objectives were exceeded. 

Fontainebleau Las Vegas experienced an incredible surge in social media followers, skyrocketing from 10,000 to an impressive 90,000 followers in the span of a month. Our coverage of the grand opening and New Year's Eve ball drop garnered widespread attention and acclaim, captivating audiences with immersive digital experiences and fostering deep engagement and community participation. Our top three performing reels hit 5.5 million, 3.8 million and 1.5 million views respectively with a total of over 110,000 engagements. 

In addition to capturing these landmark events, our team produced evergreen content for Fontainebleau, accumulating over 16 TB of video footage, all shot on Netflix-approved cameras and over 2,500 high-quality photos to support ongoing marketing efforts. 

Our dynamic storytelling approach sparked a surge in social engagement amplifying Fontainebleau Las Vegas’ brand recognition and awareness to new heights. The strategic deployment of our specialized team ensured seamless coordination and delivery of captivating narratives that resonated with audiences globally.  Our strategic initiatives not only achieved the desired objectives, but exceeded all expectations, propelling Fontainebleau Las Vegas to new levels of success and prominence in the luxury hospitality industry. 


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