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FanDuel Digital Engagement Team

Finalist in Customer Experience


FanDuel stands on a set of principles that includes Everything Begins with the Customer, Anything is Possible, and Stay Humble, Stay Hungry. Whether it is a rules explanation, clarifying how to take advantage of a promo, or assisting with account troubles, we put the customer first in everything that we do. 

Despite the challenge of accommodating exponential growth within a highly competitive industry, our goal is to be ever improving and exceed customer expectations by cutting down long wait times and overcoming challenges with disjointed technology without passing that burden on to customers. We set out to achieve this goal by responding to customers in real time,  sending proactive updates to keep our customers informed, and supporting each product via the customer's channel of choice. 

It is in the nature of Sports to encounter the unexpected, and we believe that anything is possible by rising to the challenge to tackle unexpected volume. Injuries, cancellations, and tech issues can arise without warning, and we embrace these challenges with a team that is prepared for anything. By taking the approach that Anything is Possible, our Specialists are trained at a high level, making FanDuel Support a one stop shop for all things FanDuel.



In the endlessly expanding frontier of online sports gameplay, we consistently rise to the occasion as one team, supporting our customers by turning losses into wins. We seek to grow and evolve as the industry grows. Our goal is to deliver efficient, real time support that exceeds customer expectations and builds trust and loyalty in our brand. We do so by offering personalized, conversational assistance outside of the typical support experience. Customers reaching out to FanDuel Support find a real person on the other side in every interaction, who can provide quick resolutions and eliminate the robotic back and forth customers would generally find with the support experience. Additionally, our team pushes the boundaries of social media support by using positive engagements and proactive messaging to interact with the customer. While other support teams repeatedly send the same help response, FanDuel Support finds the time to celebrate wins with the customer and connect with individuals who share our love of sports. We take the time to send proactive public messages to inform our fanbase of sport specific updates, site maintenance, and hours of operation. Using creative thinking, we are able to provide fun, interactive public messaging to engage our audience. 

Due to the nature of social media, we are the first to know of breaking news and emerging issues. This responsibility comes with certain challenges such as balancing individual needs with scalability, staying up-to-date with compliance and industry needs, and inputting alerts to notify on trending topics. We tackle these challenges by empowering our Specialist team to make informed decisions and address individual needs on a case-by-case basis. By using active listening within our platform, we are able to track customer sentiment and industry trends. This also allows us to have a first warning system in place to prepare our team and notify the larger organization of emerging issues. We stand on the front line, equipped with expert knowledge to face any curveball thrown our way. 

In sports, raving fans show up for the big events. The NBA Playoffs, The Kentucky Derby, and the NFL season, to name a few, increase our customer base and individually present unique challenges. Each event spans across a number of FanDuel products and requires expertise covering different rules and compliance measures that can vary state to state. Training across all platforms and partnership with our Responsible Gaming and Accounts Teams allow FanDuel Support to eliminate escalation and handle within. FanDuel Support Specialists support big events by providing clarification of specific markets, putting the customer first by providing Play Well tools to encourage responsible play, and assisting with account reviews to help get users reactivated and back in the game. In an industry where big events drive volume, we have successfully brought on third party support to assist with seasonality. We embrace the One Team mentality, dividing up responsibilities to tackle issues covering technology, process improvement, and individualized coaching.


FanDuel Support’s success is directly correlated to our commitment to our core principles and getting up for the big game. The NFL season is our most important time of year and longest running big event. During the 2023 NFL season, our team met our first response SLA (<30min) 82% of the time, and achieved an 85% SLA for subsequent  responses (<30min). These were respectively 49 and 17 percentage point increases from 2022. We saw a 61% improvement on our maximum wait time from the previous year. All of this while seeing a 113% increase in total cases and a 55% increase in engaged cases. We demonstrate that anything is possible by receiving advanced training and mastering each product. In partnership with our Accounts Team, our Specialists assisted with security reviews for account reactivations, solving 4k cases during the NFL season alone. Our approach succeeds because it prioritizes the customer experience, builds relationships, and streamlines support, ultimately driving long-term growth and success all while we are growing at record rates. We stay Humble and Hungry, ready to tackle each season as it comes and continue to grow within this exciting industry. 



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