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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Face of Finance

Winner in Generative AI


The typical image of financial success is overwhelmingly male, and AI is making this bias worse. But the numbers paint a different picture—women are crushing it when it comes to finances. So we set out to change what people see when they search for images of someone who is good with money.

Women’s investment portfolios perform better, they have less credit card debt, and more women today outearn their husbands than ever before. Yet, women are still underrepresented in the image of financial success, leading to a lack of confidence when it comes to money. 

Through research, we discovered that less than 2% of AI images generated with financially related prompts feature women. But AI is simply technology that’s mirroring society’s bias against equal representation of women as financial powerhouses. 

Strategy and Execution

SoFi launched the Face of Finance campaign to bring attention to AI bias and present a new narrative around women’s financial successes. We created a video revealing the bias and recasting women as the image of wealth and fiscal responsibility. But our video was just the beginning. We enlisted the help of some of social media’s most influential women to help us retrain AI by using their images, so that it could better reflect the truth about women and money.

The campaign included the following touchpoints. 


SoFi's multi-pronged Face of Finance campaign and accompanying video resulted in an immense amount of awarness and engagement, ultimately helping SoFi reach their goal - re-educating AI and setting the record straight on women and money. Key campaign results included:


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