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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Enes Yilmazer YouTube Channel

Audience Honor in Real Estate


Our goal is to showcase the most exclusive, out-of-reach assets in the world in a way that authentically conveys their story and significance. Through our content we educate and provide a way for our viewers to experience unique tours they haven't had access to in the past. 

This journey started four years ago touring properties with a GoPro and has grown into a team of fourteen, travelling globally and  forging meaningful relationships with architects, developers and owners of these assets, while creating content that represents our vision. 





Strategy and Execution

Building a strong team that shares the same vision and enthusiasm for what we do has been a main priority and fundamental part of our strategy. 

Our team started out small but the vision has always been clear - We strive to showcase one of a kind assets that expands beyond luxury real estate, highliightem them through a lense of meticulous attention to detail. 

Our growth has continued through creative thinking, precision for our craft and our passion for continously pushing boundries of what is possible within our genre. 

One of the biggest challenges we have faced is mastering how to create content for our viewers on a fast paced platform that thrives on volume, while not sacrificing the quality of our work and honoring the asset and it's legacy in a way that hasn't been done before.


To date the Enes Yilmazer Channel has 250 produced videos that have garnered over 627,000,000 views and over 6,700,000,000 impressions.

The Enes Plus Channel's 104 video count has accumulated over 104,000,000  views and the Enes Yilmazer Türkiye's over 20,000,000 views. 

It has become on of the most followed real estate channels in the world and across it's socials has gained over 580,000 Instagram followers and 770,000 TikTok followers.




Entrant Company / Organization Name

Enes Yilmazer


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