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Driving the Conversation at the Intersection of Sports, Business and Culture

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As the leading publisher covering the intersection of business, sports and culture, we influence and drive the conversation on Twitter/X. With an always-on approach to compelling coverage, athlete-led storytelling and breaking news surrounding the impact of sports on business and culture, we’ve captured the attention of millions, generating more than one billion organic impressions on the platform in 2023.

Using social as our primary driver, we’ve cultivated a unique audience that we call the sports prosumer. We’ve done this by carving out a niche focused on compelling storytelling around what’s happening outside the lines of play. This audience is affluent, influential and expects more from their sports coverage.

With a premium and polished approach to sharing news within our unique lane, our intention is to create content that is not only easy to digest, but easy to reference in daily conversation. Our content influences conversations that happen in the boardroom, in the group chat, at the dinner table, at the watercooler. At our core, we believe the business of sports is meant to be enjoyed by more than just the sports business industry.

As a news organization, Twitter/X is core to our approach in sharing breaking news, exclusives and major scoops across the sports industry. Whether it’s announcing culture shifting partnerships and groundbreaking media deals or leading coverage around cheating scandals, mass layoffs and major moves with global implications, our audience trusts Front Office Sports to cover it all in an unbiased, insightful way.


In 2023, Front Office Sports published 5,419 total posts on Twitter/X, not including the always-on presence of our reporters and editors who share their industry-leading coverage from and our twice-daily newsletter.

With our distinct style and voice, we bring unique perspectives and storylines surrounding the impact of business on sports, culture and entertainment to a leaned in, quickly growing audience.

Some of our best performing franchises and storytelling formats on Twitter in 2023 include:

Women’s Sports: Generating 141M+ impressions (up 267% YoY), our women’s sports coverage has become a core part of our DNA. Some of our highest performing content in 2023 included storytelling around Erin Matson’s rapid rise from national champion lacrosse player to national champion head coach in the span of one year and the record-breaking viewership surrounding Coco Gauff’s US Open Final, the Las Vegas Ace’s WNBA Finals run and the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. Our audience rallied around our compelling coverage surrounding the Women’s World Cup, the growth and expansion of the NWSL and the introduction of emerging leagues like the PWHL.

The Intersection of Sports and Entertainment: We live for a good crossover, and the convergence of sports and entertainment within the business lane is our sweet spot. Whether we’re covering celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Michael B. Jordan joining the ownership ranks, Mark Cuban leaving Shark Tank and selling his majority stake in the Mavericks in the same two-day span, Taylor Swift’s undeniable and indelible impact on NFL viewership or Deion Sanders turning Boulder into Hollywood, we turn the business of sports into entertainment on Twitter/X.

Unique Stories and Angles: Some of our best performing formats are unique takes on happenings within the business of sports that end up going viral. One that leads the pack - a tweet about the NFL allowing players to participate in Flag Football at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, which garnered nearly 100M impressions and hundreds of thousands of engagements, reposts, comments. During the 2023 NCAA Tournament, a tweet about Fairleigh Dickinson’s Director of Media being a junior at the university went viral. Our posts announcing Popeye’s signing an NIL deal with a recognizable meme-kid who is now playing D-II football and the combo of Joe Burrow, Blake Griffin and 20 other athletes teaming up to invest in… Iowa farmland all showcase our unique voice in an often cluttered lane.

Our Twitter/X engagement showcases the power of our influence in the space, with major players in the sports, entertainment and business industries joining the conversation often. Whether commenting on stories in their own lane or supporting teams, leagues and athletes outside of their own, it’s clear the business of sports is a topic that resonates with an incredibly influential audience. In 2023, our Twitter/X content was engaged with by Tom Brady, Billie Jean King, Patrick Mahomes, Alexis Ohanian, JJ Watt, Caitlin Clark, Kerry Washington, Pat McAfee, Snoop Dogg, Deion Sanders, Angel Reese, Alex Morgan, Troy Aikman, A-Rod and many more.


In 2023, Front Office Sports’ content on Twitter/X generated more than 1 billion organic impressions (up 27.3% YoY), with 38M+ video views and 17.5M+ engagements.

With an average engagement rate of 1.7% (and an industry standard between .02% and .09%), our content resonates with a broad, mainstream audience that is passionate about sports, entertainment, business and culture. Our social following grew 30% on the platform in 2023 and our top performing post garnered 94M impressions. Additionally, 150 unique posts each gained over 1M+ organic impressions.

We continue to reach a wide audience that craves richer and deeper storytelling around sports, which we’ll continue to deliver in 2024 and beyond.


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