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Dora & Friends: Sing & Dance with Dora

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Sing and Dance with Dora is a fresh fun fiesta of a music video series, featuring both original bilingual songs and classic bilingual tunes in popular LatinX styles, like Reggaetón & Bachata! This series engages kids with irresistible beats and memorable melodies that help them learn Spanish vocabulary words and fun dance moves while (re)introducing this new generation to the wonderful world of “Dora”.  Our goal was to grow awareness and affinity for the new “Dora'' reboot on YouTube ahead of the series' launch on streaming next year. By emulating platform-popular formats, trends, and animation styles, we were able to meet our audience where they already are and serve them content they craved more and more of, while seamlessly introducing a whole new cast of lovable Dora characters and building out her world.



Sing & Dance with Dora is a series designed to keep elevating the Dora reboot ahead of the official premiere. Not only does this series make use of the new designs of classic characters like Dora and Boots, but it combines the bilingual nature of the show in musical form. By leaning into traditional Latin songs like Pin Pon, the series can reach a Spanish-speaking audience. Adding lyrics to the videos also accomplishes another goal key to all versions of Dora— teaching and integrating Spanish into all preschoolers’ lives. Dora serves as a role model for all. She’s a brave, curious, adventurous girl who leans into problem-solving to help save the day. With more content like Sing & Dance on the channel, we can reiterate Dora’s nature to learn and be curious, as well as have fun.


So far, Sing & Dance with Dora has gained nearly 1M views with its series as a whole. This video continues to gain viewership and should reach 1M video views by the 90-day mark.


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