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Doing #EduTok Differently with Chegg

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Chegg, a leading education technology company, engaged Viral Nation to overhaul, reinvigorate, and redefine its TikTok presence, aiming for deeper engagement with college-level learners.


In a landscape dominated by superficial clickbait, Viral Nation identified an opportunity to disrupt the conventional approach and provide students with meaningful, resonant content. Our goal was to cultivate a fresh aesthetic and authentic creative style, presenting Chegg as a relatable companion and indispensable resource in students' educational journeys. Through the strategic infusion of humor and real-life student experiences, our objective was to forge emotional connections with Chegg's audience, infusing the learning process with enjoyment and relevance.


Our ultimate ambition was to establish Chegg as a trusted purveyor of educational content, a cornerstone resource for college students seeking guidance and support in their academic pursuits. By crafting content that mirrored students' experiences and aspirations, we aimed to position Chegg not merely as a service provider but as a steadfast ally in their educational endeavors.


Through this revitalized TikTok presence, Chegg aimed to foster meaningful interactions, instill confidence, and spark curiosity among its audience. By embodying the ethos of student-centered learning and empowerment, Chegg sought to resonate with learners on a profound level, ultimately becoming an integral part of their academic journey.



Our collaboration with Chegg was driven by a vision to reshape its digital footprint, particularly on TikTok, where its audience was actively engaged. Recognizing the platform's potential, we embarked on a multifaceted social media campaign, introducing a series of STEM learning channels that aimed to deliver bite-sized educational content that was not only informative but also entertaining.


At the heart of our campaign lay the creation of original content pieces featuring subject matter experts. These experts possessed the unique ability to distill complex STEM concepts into easily understandable snippets, making learning both accessible and enjoyable. Moreover, we infused each piece with elements of student life and humor, fostering an emotional connection with our target demographic and enhancing the likelihood of engagement and shareability.


Central to our strategy was the cultivation of content that resonated with TikTok's distinct culture and style. Understanding the platform's nuances, we meticulously crafted each piece to incorporate trending hashtags, popular music tracks, and the latest TikTok trends, ensuring maximum relatability and shareability among users.


Furthermore, we recognized the pivotal role of TikTok influencers in amplifying Chegg's message. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we collaborated with influencers who boasted significant followings within the student and education communities. By enlisting influencers who shared Chegg's ethos and values, we ensured that the content reached its intended audience authentically and organically, thereby fostering greater engagement and interaction.


Our campaign aimed to position Chegg not only as an educational resource but also as a trusted companion on students' academic journeys. By intertwining educational insights with humor and relatable narratives, we sought to create a digital ecosystem where learning was not only accessible but also enjoyable and empowering.


As the campaign unfolded, the results spoke volumes. Chegg's presence on TikTok experienced unprecedented growth, with engagement metrics surpassing expectations. The campaign garnered widespread attention, reaching millions of users and sparking meaningful conversations around STEM education and learning.


Ultimately, our collaboration with Chegg underscored the transformative power of social media in reshaping educational narratives and fostering genuine connections between learners and knowledge. Through our collective efforts, we not only succeeded in rebranding Chegg's TikTok presence but also in establishing it as a beacon of accessible and engaging STEM education in the digital age.



The campaign executed by Viral Nation achieved extraordinary results for Chegg, achieving over 901 million total views, 31.3 million total engagements, and over 165 million owned channel views. In addition, Chegg reached an impressive 407 million influencer views, showcasing the social media campaign’s true power. Chegg's owned channel also saw a massive 1299% increase, and the increased engagement and growth demonstrated just how much the campaign and content resonated with the target audience.


Viral Nation created more than 1,620 original pieces of content, each one tailored to educate and entertain the college student audience. The content was diverse, covering a range of STEM topics, as well as relatable student life and experiences. The content was also highly shareable, with many of the pieces going viral and reaching millions of people.


The focus on creating content that was educational, entertaining, and endemic to the platform, as well as the emphasis on collaborating with the right blend of influencers, all contributed to the massive success of the campaign. Viral Nation is proud to have helped Chegg establish itself as a leading education technology company while successfully engaging its primary target audience via social media.



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