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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Dieux Skin cashes in on TikTok Shop with partner Iced Media

Bronze Honor in Beauty


Dieux Skin is the leader in clinically vetted skincare. The brand’s success has skyrocketed as a cult favorite among savvy beauty junkies. 

Dieux Skin is a social-first brand teeming with founder-led content. It was a no-brainer to explore first-mover opportunities when TikTok launched its in-app social commerce platform, TikTok Shop.

Dieux looked to our agency known for being best in the world at content, creators and ads in social media. Iced Media is one of TikTok Shop’s first official U.S. partners and the only full-service partner specializing in the Beauty category. 

That’s when the magic began!

Our team worked with Dieux Skin to define clear objectives to support their brand and measure performance.

Our objectives:

  1. GMV! - Gross Merchandise Value (gross sales + shipping and handling fees + state sales taxes - any discounts) - TikTok Shop’s reigning KPI
  2. Acquisition Cost - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA) - It was important to acquire net new customers at a competitive cost 
  3. Awareness - Measured in organic video views

Strategy and Execution

In September of 2023, before the platform officially launched, Dieux Skin partnered with our agency to become one of the first beauty brands to pioneer TikTok Shop. 

Our teams collaborated to onboard, strategize and execute what has become a best practice playbook for beauty brands on TikTok Shop. The strategy was to leverage TikTok Shop’s robust infrastructure including: 

Iced Media’s recommendation was to generate early buzz by opening the store with the brand’s highly anticipated Air Angel product launch, a line expansion of its hero, Instant Angel. 

Our teams worked around the clock to achieve this goal and overcome the challenges along the way.

Our challenges:

  1. Risk(s) - Dieux Skin signed up to use TikTok in a new way without a playbook or benchmarks. TikTok Shop was uncharted territory and the partners bet on each other. Thanks to Dieux Skin’s trust and Iced Media’s expertise and access to TikTok support the risk was well worth the reward.
  2. Technical Challenges - Launching while TikTok Shop was still in beta gave rise to unexpected integration glitches and shipping delays. Early adopters of new tools and technologies must be patient and willing to stomach the unexpected as they gain first mover authority. 
  3. Timing Challenges - It was a race to the finish line in order to launch in concert with the Air Angel product reveal. We were able to launch just in time!


Our teams joined forces to develop a content strategy led by Dieux Skin’s co-founder, Charlotte Palermino, one of TikTok’s most trusted beauty experts. Supplemented with shoppable Brand and Affiliate short videos, all promoting Air Angel, the product sold out immediately, gave birth to Dieux’s newest and fastest-growing sales channel and generated results that met our objectives.

Our results:

  1. GMV! Gross Merchandise Value  → 50k units sold in two months!
  2. Acquisition Cost - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or Cost per Acquisition (CPA)1/20th of the cost compared to TikTok benchmarks! Media ROAS more than 25x the category benchmarks!
  3. Awareness - measured in organic video views → 15M views on Shoppable short video!

* Added value - A halo effect driving new customers and sales to


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