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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


Winner in Artificial Intelligence


One of the toughest challenges for shoppers is envisioning what new furniture and styles will look like in their spaces. Decorify is Wayfair’s new platform for shoppers to reimagine their spaces and hone in on their style preferences using generative artificial intelligence. Decorify also gives shoppers a personalized channel for immediate inspiration and discovery by enabling them to generate endless transformations of their spaces.

Wayfair’s mission is to give our customers the power to create spaces that are just right for them. Our virtual room styler, Decorify, simplifies this process. Customers can simply upload a photo of their space and choose a style. Our generative AI model will then create a new version of their space, redesigned in the style of their choosing. We also find the closest matching Wayfair products, giving customers the ability to bring these new designs to life.

Strategy and Execution

With the goal of adding significant value and delight to the shopping experience of Wayfair’s customers, Decorify became Wayfair’s very own generative AI platform in which customers could envision new versions of their own home, through just the quick upload of a photo!

Decorify is powered by a generative AI diffusion model, which allows us to create realistic redesigns of customer spaces. After a customer uploads a photo of their space, they are prompted to choose a style from a dropdown that includes mid-century modern, traditional, industrial, and many more. Decorify also gives customers the option to either preserve their existing layout or to change their layout, for larger-scale design updates. The diffusion model then processes and transforms the customer’s space into the requested look and feel in just a few seconds. 

Once the space is redesigned, Decorify performs visual similarity matching to determine the closest Wayfair product matches. These shoppable links allow customers to purchase from the wide selection of Wayfair’s catalog directly from the generated imagery. Each restyled image is also shareable so customers can easily send their redesigned homes to friends and family.

After Decorify’s pilot launch in July, it has been used as an integrated campaign tool to nimbly spotlight key business events and current trends. Alongside one of Wayfair’s largest shopping events, Way Day, customers could also shop the sale using Decorify, with sale items highlighted in the tool. Additionally, we announced new styles for the holiday season to help inspire shoppers looking to add that timely seasonal touch to their homes.


Decorify has been a success and has met our team’s objectives in a number of ways. At a high level, we created a simple shopping experience that empowers any customer, regardless of their interior design experience, to quickly create realistic redesigns of their home. This tackles one of the toughest problems while shopping for furniture online. 

Since Decorify’s launch, over 100K designs have been created. We have seen that customers are excited to engage with our platform and create multiple designs, with each user creating an average of 13 designs and our top user creating over 400 designs. In addition, session duration has continuously trended upwards, with users staying for an average of 4.5 minutes. 

We also have been able to integrate Decorify into a number of key business events, like Way Day, our signature sales event.


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