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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Country’s New Crop - Celebrating Thomas Rhett’s 20 Number Ones (Presented by Fritos on YouTube Music

Bronze Honor in YouTube Partnership

Audience Honor in YouTube Partnership


In less than a decade, Thomas Rhett delivered countless hits to music fans everywhere. Twenty #1s to be exact. These songs have become the soundtrack to the lives of many and have inspired a new generation of country artists as well - making him a permanent fixture of country music. With so much success and achievements, there was no better time than the release of his “Twenty #1s” record to celebrate an icon who has stood the test of time and has made his mark in the country music industry.

Like Thomas Rhett, Fritos is a brand that is embraced by millions across generations. With their down-to-earth authenticity, the dynamic duo has the ability to bring people together and create shared moments of joy.

Leveraging the timeless appeal and authenticity of a legendary country artist and a beloved brand, Fritos and YouTube set out to join Thomas Rhett in a retrospective journey that would celebrate his legacy - while also looking ahead at the future of country music and the artists that have been undeniably influenced and shaped by his work. 

The campaign’s main goal was raising awareness for Talent and Brand alike, and deepening consumers’ affinity for both by aligning around their shared values and the down-to-earth, authentically American lifestyle they’re both known for.


Strategy and Execution

Bringing the Fritos and Thomas Rhett partnership to life, we took a multi-pronged approach by maximizing the power of YouTube to elevate this major moment in country music. Here's how we did it: 

Setting The Stage: A Pop-Up Content Studio

First, we crafted a vibrant and interactive pop-up studio experience that served as the central hub for this unique brand-artist collaboration - inviting Thomas Rhett and a few of his select music friends to participate, including Mackenzie Carpenter, Megan Moroney, Breland, and Conner Smith. Through exclusive music performances and ancillary social content, we weaved a narrative that deepened the connection between the artists, Fritos, and fans.

As a tribute to Thomas Rhett and his upcoming compilation #1 hits album, each participating artist got the chance to cover one of Thomas Rhett's #1 hits, adding their own twist while evoking personal memories tied to the song. To allow them to shine and show their own talent, they also showcased their own original music with intimate performances.

Taking inspiration from Fritos' mantra and trends on YouTube Shorts, we crafted unique content pods offering a bite-sized, branded playground for talent. Hosted by none other than Thomas Rhett himself, "Down for Everything" featured artists answering questions and tackling playful “truth or dare”-type challenges. This lighthearted, interactive format resulted in engaging content while in the process raising funds for Porter's Call, a mental health cause dear to Thomas Rhett's heart. The "Walking Taco" station served as the grand finale, where talent put their creative spin on the iconic Fritos snack while regaling us with their favorite on-the-road stories - allowing a window into the lives of the talent.

Bringing Country to Fans Everywhere Across YouTube

Understanding the power of live connection, we strategically launched our campaign with a sponsored livestream exclusively on YouTube of Thomas Rhett's last Home Team tour show from Nashville, strategically coinciding with his album release day. With Fritos as the sole sponsors receiving 100% share of voice and in-stream integrations, this made the music and excitement accessible to thousands of fans who couldn't attend in person, expanding the reach and impact of the partnership beyond Nashville. 

Leveraging this event, we premiered the long-form cover songs content night of the show, followed by a strategically phased rollout of the remaining content over the subsequent weeks to maximize the campaign’s longevity.

Amplifying the Reach: Strategic Use of YouTube Ads and Playlists 

To ensure maximum visibility and engagement, we strategically employed Google Ads and YouTube Playlists. This targeted approach helped us reach the right audience and keep them hooked on the content we created. By combining a captivating pop-up studio experience, strategic content creation, and effective use of YouTube's features, we successfully transformed this brand-artist partnership into a multi-faceted campaign that resonated with country music fans.


The campaign garnered over 13 Million impressions (outperforming our goal by +117%) and over 3.1 Million views on YouTube alone. The primary objective of achieving over 3 million views across all videos was not only met but surpassed, with a total of 3,125,349 views. This milestone was a testament to the effectiveness of the strategies employed, the compelling content of the videos, and the successful targeting of the audience. The campaign's success is further underscored by the high engagement ratios for many videos, indicating strong viewer interest and interaction.

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Video for Country’s New Crop - Celebrating Thomas Rhett’s 20 Number Ones (Presented by Fritos on YouTube Music

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FlyteVu Agency, Fritos


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