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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

CMT Stages

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CMT Stages is a performance series offering an intimate exploration of an artist's career ‘stages’ through 3-5 pivotal songs. From debut single to chart-topping hit to latest release, our goal was to showcase the evolution of their sound and journey. In this second episode, we spotlighted country star Scotty McCreery as he performed 5 career-spanning songs and delved into the nuances of his musical evolution from American Idol to present. 'Stages' seamlessly blends live performances and insightful interviews, creating a compelling series that intimately captures the unique journey and artistry of each featured artist.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategy for this second episode of the digital series ""CMT Stages” aimed to create an interview and performance space uniquely tailored to Scott McCreery’s story. Collaborating closely with McCreery's team and family, we curated a 'teenage room,' adorning it with meaningful artifacts, including a commemorative baseball and a grocery store apron, creating an immersive backdrop.

This set wasn't merely a backdrop but a deliberate effort to immerse viewers in McCreery's world. Props were strategically placed to add layers to the storytelling, setting the stage for the most comprehensive interview McCreery had ever done, exploring the various stages of his career.

Against this backdrop, McCreery performed five career-spanning songs, visually showcasing the distinct 'stages' of his musical journey. The intentional inclusion of home videos and social media clips in the final episode enriched the narrative, offering viewers a comprehensive and intimate look into McCreery's life and career.

The full CMT Stages episode was published on YouTube and Facebook. And recognizing the CMT audience's love for country music, we ensured that the five performances were made available in full as companion pieces to the episode. Cutdowns of the performances were also shared on Instagram Reels and TikTok for added amplification. To further promote the episode, one performance served as a music video on CMT's cable network during video hours.

Our strategy for ""CMT Stages"" with Scotty McCreery wasn't just about capturing moments; it was about creating a visual journey and offering multiple entry points for fans to engage with the content across diverse platforms.


CMT Stages: Scotty McCreery garnered over 2.5M views across social platforms. The episode received an exclusive sneak peek preview on, generating anticipation. The digital success translated to cable, with the episode airing on CMT in the U.S. and streaming on PlutoTV. Internationally, the episode reached audiences on CMT Australia, showcasing the global appeal of the content and McCreery's story. This strategic cross-platform approach not only amplified engagement but also underscored the episode's broad impact, resonating with audiences across traditional and digital channels.


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MTV Entertainment Studios


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