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Entered in Multi-Platform Presence


There’s no shortage of killer dolls out there. But Chucky’s the first and still the best. For 35 years, audiences have delighted in the dark anticipation of knowing that the unassuming doll could come to life at any moment and claim another victim.

Season 3 of USA Network and SYFY’s Chucky series wanted to bring that same sense that Chucky is always lurking and could strike from anywhere to every platform on social.


In all his incarnations, one thing that’s been true of Chucky is that he could strike anywhere, at any time. We kept that aspect alive both in a robust cross platform strategy posting on X, Instagram (Feed, Stories, and Broadcasts, Facebook, TikTok, and Threads and in surprising 1:1 engagements.

The key challenge was giving fans a reason to follow us on each and every channel. Each platform had a distinct tone and purpose. X was the home for highly successful voice tweets and our always-trending episodic livetweets. Facebook focused on rewarding the longterm fans of the franchise. On Instagram, the feed was the campaign mothership, posting big beat content and aesthetically arresting content while Broadcasts gave fans direct access to Chucky’s twisted inner monologue. Threads provided a different flavor of X’s voice-centric POV with the softer side of our psychopath while TikTok outperformed all other channels in views, engagements, and engagement rate through videos that tapped into trends and leveraged robust community management.

The dual Writers and Actors strike presented a major challenge for our campaign across all channels, limiting our ability to leverage the reach of our highly engaged cast and crew over the course of our season. We overcame this with brand collabs between Chucky’s O&O channels and USA, SYFY, and PEACOCK brand accounts. @ChuckyIsReal led 4-way collabs that tapped into new audiences and brought an increase in both views and engagement throughout the season .


Our multi-platform presence grew followers on both @ChuckyIsReal (+19%) and on SYFY (50%) and USA (2.05%).

On Chucky’s owned channels, Instagram grew by 14%, Threads by 38%, X by 5%, Facebook by 20%, and TikTok by 18%.

Engagements likewise grew, with Instageam improving on last season by 1.15% and X by 309%.

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Legion Creative, USA/SyFy


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