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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Fertility FM with Whitney Port

Winner in Health & Wellness Podcast


Fertility FM was created from the idea that each individual’s fertility experience is unique, driven by the belief that fostering awareness across all facets of the journey is paramount. The Fertility FM podcast serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations, diving into seldom-explored topics and offering valuable insights for those embarking on their fertility journey.

Beyond amplifying voices within the fertility world, our goal was to establish CCRM Fertility as a leader in the industry, distinguished by its expert doctors and best-in-class scientific advancements. We aspire to not only shed light on the less-discussed aspects of fertility, but also empower individuals with knowledge and support at the onset of their paths towards fertility.

Strategy and Execution

We joined forces with Dear Media, a renowned podcast network celebrated for creating content tailored to women. Our choice of Whitney Port as the host was deliberate, given her affiliation with Dear Media Network and her openness about her fertility journey, including struggles with conception and her experience with surrogacy, as a mother of two.

Our podcast series was curated focusing on prevalent fertility issues, with each episode featuring a CCRM doctor or specialist alongside Whitney. The topics covered included in-vitro fertilization, egg freezing, LGBTQ+ family building, black fertility matters, reproductive genetics, and navigating fertility finances. To enhance the discussions, we invited guest influencers as co-hosts, ensuring they brought their own experiences related to the episode’s theme.

All episodes were recorded at a Dear Media studio two months prior to their launch. Post-recording, each episode was expertly edited to roughly 45 minutes. Each episode included 30, 60, and 90-second cut-downs, serving as trailers and social media posts, effectively raising awareness about these crucial fertility topics.

To promote the podcast, Whitney Port committed to sharing content on her Instagram feed, providing a personal touch to the podcast’s outreach. The contracted influencer co-hosts were enlisted to share stories on their respective social platforms, generating anticipation and engagement ahead of each episode’s launch. This collaboration aimed not only to provide valuable insights into fertility-related matters but also to create a broader impact by leveraging the influence and relatability of our hosts.


Fertility FM made its debut in October 2023, unveiling a carefully curated series with a weekly episode release over six consecutive weeks. Within the initial three months post-launch, the podcast surpassed the download benchmarks set by Dear Media across various social platforms. The engagement extended beyond audio, as the social trailers garnered views that exceeded expectations. 

The positive reception prompted Dear Media to amplify their support, going above and beyond the agreed-upon promotion by sharing additional podcast clips on their social channels. Whitney took the initiative to share multiple Instagram stories, exceeding her contractual obligations, demonstrating a genuine enthusiasm for promoting the podcast. This unexpected and voluntary promotion further contributed to the widespread visibility and success of Fertility FM, establishing it as a resonant and impactful addition to the Dear Media podcast network.


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We Are Social + Narrative, CCRM Fertility


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