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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards


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Catalyst is LinkedIn’s flagship video series. It is a first-person, character-led series about a career epiphany, a lesson learned, a setback, or a pivotal moment that fundamentally changed how this person approaches their work, job, life. This series’ goal is to help members navigate career set-backs by providing them gold-zone advice that will shift their thinking and help them move forward. Life will always present unexpected challenges.  Some are small, like a speed bump. Others are huge, like a wall. But it is often these setbacks that are the first steps to success, because they force us to make a change.  Setbacks build resilience, offer lessons that make us think outside the box, and motivate us to work differently. Catalyst is a series that teaches us how to learn from our setbacks where thought leaders share their personal stories of reflection on the stumbles that were critical starting points.

Strategy and Execution


Catalyst has seen a large number of subscribers to the series and the quality of engagement on our platform through comments, shares and likes is a testament to the story content and how it resonates with our audience. But our true measure of success has been the positive impact this series has had on the audience. Some examples of our unique engagement include our episode with Lydia Fenet, where one commenter shared: “I have a hard time speaking up in meetings. This is good advice. Thank you!” In another instance, an episode featuring Ken Oliver created a unique space for formerly incarcerated people to draw inspiration from and find community on the LinkedIn platform. We wanted Catalyst to inspire, motivate and impact those who viewed the content. We know the series is a success because it is achieving this goal.


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