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Peugeot truly believes that the world is better with Allure. It is anchored so deep in their DNA that the brand decided to make Allure its new brand platform. We needed to express this concept’s role in everyday life, from Peugeot cars design to new territories such as visual arts. As the story of Allure is best told by artists, Peugeot associated with YellowKorner and worked with 5 world renown photographers to go on a photographic quest and explore what Allure is to them. They were sent across the world, in Morocco, Kenya, France, Spain and Italy, which resulted in a brand campaign composed of 75 photos and 5 short documentaries of approx. 10 minutes about their different interpretations of Allure: the Allure of colours by Teresa Freitas, the Pride of Allure by Mr Fifou, the Allure of Women by Laurence Laborie, the Wild Allure by Laurent Baheux, the Landscapes of Allure by Oliviero Toscani.


The challenge of this campaign was to find the right partners to ensure a clear and right interpretation of the new brand platform: Allure. Because this one-word can only really be defined through the eyes of others, through their perception, and could not simply be illustrated by a traditional top-down campaign. So, collaborating with photographers whose job it is to capture the intangible became an obvious choice.
After a long and meticulous work to select the right photographers, with the right background and the right ambition for the project, the main challenge was to elaborate with each of them the theme of the quest they would pursue. It was crucial that each theme fit perfectly with the photographers’ identities, but still serve the brand message of Allure. Working hand in hand with each artist through workshops and brainstormings, we ended up with five themes exploring different aspects of Allure:

These five quests resulted in 75 photos (15 per photographer) that were printed and sold in 88 YellowKorner galleries, 5 short-documentaries of approximately 10 minutes each that aired on social media and especially on YouTube, and multiple video cutdowns and dedicated social media assets. A vernissage in YellowKorner’s flagship gallery in Paris took place to officially launch the event worldwide, reuniting 300 guests among which journalists, influencers and Peugeot guests. The whole campaign was then deployed in more than 30 countries across the world, through a digital plan and local events such as a major event in partnership with GQ in the UK. 


A very successful campaign that resulted in 74M people reached on YouTube and Meta, and a completion rate of 30% across all short-documentaries, proving once more that as long as brands have something interesting to say, consumers will be attentive. In addition to this, a UGC operation to amplify the campaign resulted in +2000 mentions of the brand on Instagram and the same amount of publications showing Peugeot products and using the hashtag #Allure on the platform.

This first chapter of the Allure campaign was indeed a success, so much so that the brand is already preparing the second chapter for 2024.



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