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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

BuzzBallz "Why are they Round?"

Finalist in Wine, Beer & Spirits


As pioneers (2009) in the "ready to drink cocktails" market, BuzzBallz faced mounting competition with RTD cockatiels popping up left and right.  Our objective was to create a splash that would not only reinforce their brand, but also make it stand out on the crowded retail shelves.

We decided to help BuzzBallz launch its first national ad campaign. Creating a mix of assets predominantly for streaming TV, but also to be used on Youtube, Meta, and TikTok. 

Strategy and Execution

BuzzBallz thrives on being edgy and refreshingly unserious, and we aimed to bring that to the campaign in the tone we specialize in.  Simultaneously, we discovered a golden opportunity—Blake Anderson, the adored actor and comedian from "Workaholics," was an avid fan of BuzzBallz, having raved about it repeatedly on his podcast. We enlisted Blake to join our campaign, tailor-making a concept that would play to his unique comedic persona.

BuzzBall's round spherical shape are unlike the slim cans that frequently crowd shelves.  We wanted to put the unique shape of the product at the forefront of the campaign!  Starting a conversation among consumers and viewers, and leaving them with a lasting impression every time they saw those beautiful round packages. With the perfect pairing of strategy + Blake Anderson...  "Why are they Round" was born!



The result? An instant hit that resonated with BuzzBallz devotees, Blake Anderson fans, and new audiences alike,  skyrocketing brand awareness and retail velocity to new heights. Our campaign boasted a remarkable 15.2 million total views on streaming and digital platforms and triggered a 38% surge in search traffic for "BuzzBallz" as they used the “store locator” tool. The organic post of the video on BuzzBallz's social media accounts saw engagement levels 11 times higher than their average posts.

As we continue to monitor and track retail sales, one thing is clear: the BuzzBallz campaign, driven by strategy, creativity, and the charm of Blake Anderson, will become a successful, ongoing campaign and partnership!


Video for BuzzBallz "Why are they Round?"

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Bacon and Eggs Media, BuzzBallz


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