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Black Kitchen Initiative

Finalist in Campaign by Diverse-Owned Businesses, Art & Culture Podcast


In a country that often seeks to snuff out the uncomfortable parts of its own history, telling stories matters, and telling Black stories even more so. The Black Kitchen Series was born out of Heinz’s commitment to deepen our understanding of American food, and more specifically celebrate and preserve Black culinary history by telling Black food stories for Black folks first and foremost. Going beyond a “Black Food 101,” it’s an opportunity to go beyond education and create entertainment for all who are interested in engaging with the world at the intersection of food and history.

More simply, our goal is twofold. First, it is to have a positive impact on Black-owned businesses. Whether that’s driving an increase in foot traffic to restaurants, or growing follower counts on social. We want to do our part to support the Black-owned food businesses that continue to thrive today against all odds. Second, but equally important, is our effort to create entertaining media that can educate folks on the past, present and future of Black culinary culture. By making Black culinary culture more accessible and digestible for folks inside and outside the culinary industry, we can inspire even more folks to dig deeper into Black history, try a new dish or engage more deeply with their local communities.



This season, The Black Kitchen Series: Innovators had our host Jade Verette meet some of the incredible Black innovators across the country changing the face of food as we know it. 

An experienced podcast host and beloved chef, @JadeofallJades dug into the stories of 11 Black food innovators redefining into what it means to cook, grow and eat Black food in America today. Interviewing a few of the farmers, healers, chefs, artists, and organizers transforming our collective relationship to food, community, environment and each other, Jade and the team trekked across the nation from New York to South Carolina to Georgia to Texas to California. Across 6 episodes (and 5 bonus episodes), we chatted about Black veganism, how they use farming as a tool for liberation, the planet-saving powers of an underrated West-African grain, and so much more. More specifically, time and again we heard stories that demonstrated just how intertwined Black communities, histories and our desires for the future are and continue to be.




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