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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Bizarre History

Bronze Honor in Art & Culture Podcast


ATTN: informs by breaking down important societal and historical topics and conversations into digestible, entertaining videos. We thought there was no better way to tell historic stories than by finding the unique, interesting and bizarre. Our guiding principles in telling these stories were: 1) How do we teach but make it fun?; and 2) How do you become a more interesting dinner guest? 

We took our listeners on a journey through history to explore the surprising origins of favorite pastimes, cultural traditions, and societal norms and examined how they became commonplace–and what they say about our society and culture today. Did you know that Henry Ford had a massive impact on square dancing in America? Or that the act of recycling traces back to 500 B.C. in Athens?

Strategy and Execution

We knew we wanted to tell historical stories and unearth the bizarre and interesting, but how did we uncover these unique historial gems? Audible and ATTN: came together to put together a giant list of historical topics that we wanted to explore, we then dug deeper into those topics to find bizarre and interesting angles to curate our final list of topics. We did research and found interesting leads that took us down roads, some we didn't explore and some we did. 

For the production and execution of the stories, we wanted each episode to feel like an adult story time, so we chose to tell the stories with one dynamic narrator, Natalie Zarowny. By using just one narrator we were also able to keep the stories tight. We brought each story to life through sound design, i.e. if you are walking through a 19th century food market, we wanted you to hear the hustle and bustle, and be truly engaged in an oral history that lends itself to the podcast medium.


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