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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Betrayal Season 2

Gold Honor in True Crime & Documentary Podcast


This season of Betrayal focuses on one mother’s fight to find justice for her daughter and protection from a predator too close to home.  From there, we share how that same crime is happening daily in households nationwide. 

The goal of this season was to tackle the topic of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), educate our listeners on something that rarely anyone speaks about and examine why it is rampant. We approached the stories with reverence and understanding, hoping this podcast could teach listeners the warning signs that a family member may be looking at CSAM and help prevent future crimes.

Strategy and Execution

After we wrapped Season 1 of Betrayal, our inbox flooded with listeners feeling comfortable enough to share their stories. An email from Ashley Lytton, wife and mother of 3 from Utah, caught our eye. Her story involved a crime and betrayal that kept coming up in other emails.  We noticed a pattern and wanted to use Ashley’s story to examine it. 

In Season 2, Ashley Lytton finds images on her husband’s computer that are terrifying. If she reports what she has seen, she knows her family will never be the same. Ashley fears her husband will kill her if he realizes she discovered his secret: his possession of Child Sexual Assault Material (CSAM). Once detectives investigate, they inform Ashley that her teenage daughter is also a victim. The journey for justice is eye-opening as Ashley, and the audience, learns the law does not punish offenders the way she expected. 

We told this story because of how many people emailed us with similar experiences. Through the devastation of one family, we broadened the topic to confront the disturbing reality confronting our country. With more than 45 million photos and videos of children online, we felt obligated to study this topic. Betrayal explores the pervasiveness of CSAM and how it has caught the justice system on its heels. We discuss the growth of technology and how demand for privacy impacts law enforcement’s ability to identify perpetrators.


The show was met with many positive reviews, garnering over 28.7 million downloads to date. The series peaked at #1 on Apple’s overall charts and #1 on True Crime.

Since launching the Betrayal feed, we have had people reach out to us via social media and email, telling us how important this show is to them. Our show has served as a platform for listeners to confront their own forms of betrayal and find the strength to move forward. Our email is flooded with people saying that this is a safe space for them, and they feel comfortable sharing their trauma because we’ve built an understanding and supportive brand.


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