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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Athletic Greens x Shorty Awards 2024

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Athletic Greens’ "Morning People" shines a spotlight on the amazing humans in the AG1 community.  The video series explores how members in the AG1 community start their day, highlighting everyday figures from chefs, triathletes to make-up artists and more– including Bobbi Brown, Timothy O'Donnell, Alison Roman, Kayla Jeter, and Miles Chamley-Watson.  The series encapsulates the diverse perspectives and practices that shape their mornings and lives.

The Morning People approach is to tell the stories of AG1 community members, showcasing passion and intimate moments through the lens of relationships, hobbies, and ambition.  The goal is simple: to highlight that health allows people to do what they love.   

Featuring Alison Roman, viewers witness her morning ritual that grounds her day, emphasizing the role of AG1 as her "security blanket" and the great equalizer in her routine.  For Bobbi Brown, a self-proclaimed morning person, she starts her day with AG1 with a point of view that she is an ‘athlete of her life’.  AG1 serves as a foundational element in her journey toward health and wellness.

As morning people find solace and strength in their routines, AG1 serves as a catalyst for their journey toward foundational well-being. Rooted in community and fueled by personal testimonies, the Morning People series underscores the core mission at AG1 to empower individuals to take ownership of their health.

Strategy and Execution

The AG1 team relied on existing multi-year customer relationships with the people profiled to pull together a high-quality and comprehensive production schedule to bring this series to life. These deep long-term relationships allowed the AG1 team to capture the morning routines of individuals across Austin, Chicago, Montclair, Los Angeles, and Boulder. Led by Amy Wicks and a small production crew, AG1 aimed to provide an authentic and unfiltered glimpse into the mornings and habits of the amazing humans in their community, ultimately driving home AG1 as an essential morning routine. 

Despite challenges of coordinating schedules and a tight timeframe, AG1 successfully secured a dream lineup of community members by positioning the series as a passion project and pilot initiative and will continue to capture more moments in 2024 as a continuation of the series.


The purpose of AG1’s Morning People series was to highlight the sustainable longevity that allows these amazing humans to pursue what they’re most compelled by in their lives. Each video illustrates how AG1 is the one choice every morning that people can build on towards a healthier life. Collectively, these moments add up to millions of mornings spent choosing a healthier future and ultimately, a healthier community.  The video series did just that by capturing the emotions and routines of real people. The authenticity captured in this video series is undeterred by the aspiration, allowing the brand to further connect to its audience even further. 

The engagement numbers behind these videos also validate the interest people have in these community member’s journeys and what supports them in success. In just one month since the video series launched, AG1 has reached over 2.7 million views across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Alison Roman’s Morning People routine was the second best-performing video of all time on her Instagram with over 110,000 views while Bobbi Brown’s garnered more than 600 shares and saves while accumulating a total watch time of more than 280 hours (highest of the five-person series).


Video for Athletic Greens x Shorty Awards 2024

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