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Artist Friendly w/ Joel Madden

Finalist in Lifestyle & Entertainment Podcast


Artist Friendly — listen in on honest conversations with artists from all genres and at every level of success in their fields as they talk about the experiences that have shaped them, the obstacles they’ve overcome, and the methods, tools, and insights they have gained and used on their paths to achieving success.

Joel explores these ideas and themes to highlight these insights for the audience to use on their personal growth and success journey.



Plan of action: We built a studio from scratch out of a back office area and launched a podcast that was later upgraded further with an intimate set, lighting, and cameras that brought it into a full-on show in less than seven months after its creation. We knew we wanted our show to stand out and not just be another interview show. We focused on having conversations rather than a direct question-and-answer format with a goal of honest, safe, transparent results rather than trying to grab a viral moment or headline for clicks. 

Execution: We then utilized social media clips to build show awareness and gain a loyal listener/viewer fanbase. We chose clips that would inspire viewers, encourage engagement, and bring more listeners to the show. One of our stand-out clips was Lil Wayne sharing that he knew at a very young age he wanted to be a great rapper. It has over 2 million views on Instagram reels alone. Another stand-out clip was from Orville Peck opening up about his journey being openly gay in a punk rock scene that garnered over 830K views on IG and lots of engagement and shares with fans sharing how inspiring that clip was. The engagement on this post was touching because people were sharing their coming out stories and experiences. 



Each week, we are seeing more growth in our social channels, podcast listeners, and viewers on Veeps.  Our podcast has over 120,000 downloads just from Spotify alone. We have clips with millions of views, and our social is steadily climbing. Joel Madden’s name recognition has helped increase visibility in the music community, and we are making strides to keep our show a genre-free show that talks to all types of artists. We will be expanding into actors, creatives, and more! 


We get many messages, comments, and direct emails from listeners thanking us for the podcast and conversations. They say they inspire them and constantly share their personal experiences and accolades with our team. Joel’s main goal with Artist Friendly is to inspire and give listeners the tools to find their version of success. Receiving these messages from fans/listeners shows us we are rising and meeting our goals in every episode we share. 



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