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Moulhemoun | DNR

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"Moulhemoun," meaning "Inspiring," is a captivating social program dedicated to celebrating individuals or teams making significant positive impacts, both locally and globally. 

Through compelling storytelling, "Moulhemoun," shares the remarkable journeys of those who have overcome challenges, developed constructive ideas, and inspired others with their resilience and dedication. 

One inspiring story featured on "Moulhemoun" is that of Mohamed Alaa, affectionately known as the cat man. His narrative resonated with millions, garnering 2.65 million views, making it one of the series' most-watched segments. Mohamed's story unfolds against the backdrop of war-torn Aleppo in 2014, where amidst escalating bombings and mass exodus, he chose to stay behind to care for the remaining cats in the city. Despite the perilous circumstances, Mohamed's compassion led him to collect leftover meat to feed these innocent creatures, believing it was his duty to ensure their survival. 

Through his selflessness and unwavering commitment, Mohamed found purpose amidst chaos, attributing his survival to the protection of a higher power, shaped by his compassion for these innocent creatures. The objectives of "Moulhemoun" are multi-faceted: to celebrate inspiring individuals, raise awareness about their resilience, promote empathy and compassion, and foster a sense of hope and resilience among viewers. By sharing stories like Mohamed's, the program aims to inspire, uplift, and empower audiences to make positive changes in their own lives and communities.



The program's strategy revolves around capturing and sharing the stories of individuals or teams making profound positive impacts in challenging environments like Syria.

The execution of this strategy involved meticulous planning to navigate the complexities of filming in a conflict zone. The team demonstrated resilience and dedication to ensuring the safety of all involved while capturing the authentic narratives of resilience and hope amidst adversity.

Through immersive storytelling techniques, "Moulhemoun" brought to light the inspiring tale like Mohamed Alaa, the “catman”, who selflessly cared for animals amidst the chaos of war. The team's execution also involved collaborating closely with local communities and organizations to accurately portray the challenges and triumphs experienced by Syrians. Through their strategic approach, this video of "Moulhemoun" effectively captured the essence of hope and resilience amidst turmoil, offering viewers a glimpse into the indomitable spirit of the Syrian people.



His story resonated with millions, garnering 2.65 million views, making it one of the series' most-watched.


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Al Jazeera Digital


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