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At Animalogic, we strive to inspire, educate, and entertain without barriers. Seeing the prevalent representation of cis-white male hosts in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), Animalogic takes on the challenge of bringing in fresh perspectives and faces. With our unique team of hosts composed of four exceptional all-female scientists, our goal is to open the world of STEAM to the next generation of curious minds. As a digital-first nature and education channel, we have built a vibrant community of over 1.9+ million YouTube subscribers with a staggering 600+ million views across all social platforms. What sets us apart is that our topics are not just informative and wildly entertaining, they’re also completely free and accessible for anyone in the world. For us, we don't just want to share knowledge, we want to foster a warm and inclusive environment where learning feels like an exciting adventure for all. From dandelions to dinosaurs, we deliver expert insights into all the "whys" and "hows" of the natural world, regardless of where our audience is watching from.


Within the vibrant world of Animalogic, our strategy covers everything from ideation to post-production community management. New videos are released every week covering a range of different topics. In addition to our original Animalogic series, we have also launched 3 new seasons of our spin-off series including Floralogic (exploring the world of plants and fungi), Paleologic (taking a deep look at the past and the animals that lived in it), and Second Nature (exploring the mysteries of convergent evolution). All our videos undergo a meticulous research process where information is fact-checked through a variety of different sources, setting a gold standard in research. The videos are then originally produced and edited in-house within our small but powerful team of creatives. We also shoot on-location, having traveled to a variety of different wildlife sanctuaries around the world. When we’re out and about, we always keep our audience in mind: whether it’s behind-the-scenes vlogs or on-site photographs, our viewers are always kept in the loop. After the publication of every new video, we make sure to stay diligent with keeping the conversation open with our audience. This ensures that our content continues to resonate and align with our objectives. Every comment, testimonial, and feedback we get from our audience are an integral part of our content evolution, guiding us on how we can continue to put our best work forward.

As leaders in the STEAM field, we also prioritize building strategic partnerships with other creators in the nature and educational space. In 2023, we took on a variety of collaborations with both independent creators and brands/companies. We are committed to continuing our investment in not only our audience’s educational growth but also the STEAM space as a whole by encouraging the importance of creating. In addition to partnerships, we also focus on diversifying our reach across various platforms beyond YouTube, including TikTok, Snapchat Discover, Facebook, and more! Beyond the online space, we also look for ways to connect with the community offline by attending panel events, creator meet-ups, or just bumping into viewers on a casual day and exchanging thoughtful conversations (and a photo or two).



From robust research to strategic partnerships, Animalogic's commitment to growth continues to evolve with remarkable results. In 2023, we achieved an astounding 72 million views and 4 million hours of watch time across all platforms, culminating to an all-time viewership of 600+ million. Our top performing video, "This Plant Is Dangerously Addictive", a Floralogic episode on poppies and its relation to the opium crisis, garnered an impressive 1.2 million views and 55K hours of watch time. Beyond the animal kingdom, Animalogic's commitment to education expanded into the realms of plants, fossils, and evolution. Spin-off series, Paleologic, wrapped up its first season triumphantly with 31 episodes, accumulating a total of 13.5 million views for the series.

Within the STEAM community, we had the opportunity to partner with both independent creators like Lindsay Nikole (1.3M subscribers) and brands such as Planet Wild (83K subscribers). Beyond the digital space, one of our hosts, Danielle Dufault, attended various community events and meet-ups, such as the Elevate Festival. Along with Viral Nation’s co-founder, Joe Gagliese, the two held a panel discussion on “Hacking the Creator Economy”, shedding light on the importance of collaboration in the STEAM fields. As Animalogic continues to grow and adapt, our results exemplify the impact of our ongoing strategic approach and dedication to inspire, educate, and entertain without barriers. Looking ahead, we look forward to exploring new sectors of the natural world and continuing to maintain our position at the forefront of STEAM education and entertainment.



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