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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Gaza War Coverage | AJE X

Winner in News & Media


The news industry in 2023 saw a pivotal shift in the way information was shared, particularly in October as the Gaza war broke out, yet Al Jazeera English X remained steadfast in placing people at the centre of our reporting, ensuring their voices resonated. Since October 2023, Israel’s relentless bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip has claimed the lives of more than 28,000 Palestinians, including at least 12,300 children. We covered the stories of families of Israeli captives taken by Hamas through interviews and features.Recognising the gravity of the situation, Al Jazeera X team remained dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza that other Western media outlets may have missed. We had dedicated reporters in Gaza, the occupied West Bank and Israel to collate stories from survivors of Israeli bombardment and families of captives in Gaza.

We explored the impact of the war with greater depth by utilising X’s unique features. As breaking news unfolded captured every crucial update of the war through live streaming and live-cut videos of our journalists, reporters and victims on the ground. Prioritising the fostering of a space for discussion and gaining insights into the significant history of Palestine and Israel, which other Western media outlets may have overlooked, was our priority. We were able to provide our audience with a firmer grasp of the issues shaping the war and the world. Our mission-driven strategy fostered trust among our audience, positioning us at the vanguard of news.


Strategy and Execution

Al Jazeera English’s X emerged as the most reliable source for prompt and precise coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza. Leveraging the platform’s native tools and features, we effectively unraveled the Israeli ground and air offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Our coverage focused primarily on breaking news by producing an X thread with live updates from on the ground, video analyses, and short, digestible explainers interviewing academics, political analysts, and weapons experts. As the initial Israeli air attack on October 7 morphed into a relentless war on Gaza, we produced a daily 24/7 thread, supplemented by a live blog from our news desks around the globe. We broke down complex stories with compelling storytelling and strategy, catering to our diverse global audience on time. Using X’s thread feature, we also curated insightful guides delving into the history of Israeli occupation.

Our reporting extended to encompass international response, from global solidarity of Palestinian civilians and Gaza to amplifying the reporting from our journalists on the ground. Our narrative stood out due to the inclusion of original and engaging content, often overlooked by other media entities. Central to our strategy was the optimisation of original video content. Through unique native videos, we effectively conveyed the severity of the situation, shedding light onto the harsh realities faced by many Palestinians in the besieged enclave. We produced a series of short-form videos created for our Gaza war coverage; Bird’s Eye View, which aimed to uncover the grounds of Israeli claims through thorough reporting by our dedicated investigations team; Compare and Contrast, which showed the double standards in Western reporting on the war; Stories from Gaza,an original concept which aimed to tell the stories of Palestinians in Gaza through their day-to-day lives; Quotable, which aimed to raise awareness of Palestinian solidarity by featuring powerful speeches delivered by people from diverse backgrounds. Each series had a different purpose to convey. We had dedicated reporters in Gaza, the occupied West Bank, and Israel to collate stories from survivors of Israeli bombardment and families of captives in Gaza. In our commitment to serving our audience as a reliable source amidst rampant disinformation on the ongoing war, we transformed key moments from on-field reporting and exclusive interviews into compelling social videos, setting us apart from our competitors. Our native social videos encompassed Al Jazeera’s meticulous reporting.

We utilised X’s features to their fullest potential by broadcasting raw moments of war through live streams and live-cut edits. We witnessed Al Jazeera journalist Youmna Al Sayed reporting live from central Gaza when an Israeli air strike targeted a nearby building. Additionally, we shared a poignant account from Al Jazeera correspondent Wael Dahdouh, who tragically lost his wife, son, daughter, and grandson after an Israeli bombing. Furthermore, we streamed South Africa’s historic genocide case against Israel amid the ongoing war on Gaza. Our goal was to uphold integrity, and pay tribute to our journalists and historic moments, while also sparking conversations on our platform.



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Our team is committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the stories shaping our world, amplifying the voices of those most affected, and helping our followers understand the broader implications for us all.



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