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From Gaza | DNR

Finalist in Video Series


"From Gaza" is a poignant and compelling series produced by Al Jazeera's Digital Newsroom, offering viewers an insightful glimpse into the realities of life in the Gaza Strip since October 7th. With an impressive total of 164 million views across Al Jazeera's social media platforms, the series effectively captures the attention of global audiences, shedding light on the struggles and resilience of Gaza's people amidst conflict and displacement.


Through five distinct templates, each episode of "From Gaza" unveils a unique narrative, ranging from heart-wrenching personal accounts to firsthand testimonies of the ongoing struggles amidst conflict and displacement. The series employs powerful storytelling and top-notch production quality to immerse viewers in the daily lives of Gazans, offering profound insights into their challenges and perseverance.

Led by Gazan senior producer Marah Al-Wadiya and DOP Anas Abu Dayyeh, "From Gaza" is a collaborative effort aimed at amplifying the voices of those affected by the conflict. Despite the grim circumstances, the series remains a beacon of hope, providing a platform for marginalized voices to be heard and fostering empathy and solidarity worldwide.



Our team's objectives were met with resounding success as reflected in the results of "From Gaza". With 83 distinct stories, our content garnered an impressive total of 163 million views, indicating a deep engagement with our audience. The 6.5 million interactions and 849,339 shares underscore the impact and resonance of our content across various platforms. Moreover, achieving a commendable 50.6% average viewer completion rate on YouTube and 249,584 comments signifies the captivating nature of our storytelling.


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Al Jazeera Digital


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