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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

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Finalist in Website/App


With over 100 attractions in 10 different countries and a plethora of digital content to share, it was time for Ripley’s to reimagine the brand’s online presence and develop a dynamic, content-managed website aimed at driving ticket sales and enhancing brand clarity.

The objective was clear: welcome users to explore the world of Ripley’s by seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics to encourage engagement and repeat visits. To achieve this goal, every aspect of the new Ripley’s website was created with the following in mind:

These priorities came together with a fresh look and feel to create the new and improved experience!

Strategy and Execution

To reimagine, we initiated the process by sending out a comprehensive RFP detailing our objectives for the new website. Our aim was to find an agency that would not only understand our vision but also become a true collaborative partner in its realization. After an extensive review process, we chose to work with EY Design Studio.

Our approach began with gaining valuable insights into our audience. We conducted interviews with both existing and potential Ripley’s customers, alongside focused behavior sessions. These efforts were aimed at understanding users’ perspectives and expectations regarding their digital Ripley’s attractions and content experiences.

Content played a pivotal role in our project. We meticulously inventoried and assessed the existing content, mapping out its current usage and effectiveness across our primary content channels. This exercise provided us with a blueprint for optimizing our content strategy moving forward.

Visual design was another critical aspect of our project. We conducted thorough internal and external reviews to establish a design direction that stayed true to Ripley’s brand guidelines while incorporating market best practices and aligning with audience needs and business objectives.

In parallel, we conducted a comprehensive digital marketing audit to identify growth opportunities across acquisition channels. We defined key performance indicator targets for the future website’s acquisition strategy, ensuring alignment with our overarching goals.

Additionally, we conducted a thorough audit of our existing technology architecture, systems, and processes. This audit provided us with a clear understanding of Ripley’s current technical landscape, enabling us to develop a robust technology strategy for the new website.

Throughout the execution of our plan, we encountered various challenges, from aligning diverse stakeholder perspectives to navigating technical complexities. However, through effective communication, strategic problem-solving, and unwavering dedication, we successfully overcame these obstacles.

Our project stands out not only for its meticulous planning and execution but also for its holistic approach that integrates audience insights, content strategy, visual design, digital marketing, and technology considerations. By addressing each aspect comprehensively, we have created a website that not only meets our immediate objectives but also lays a strong foundation for future growth and success.


The outcomes of our endeavors not only met our team’s objectives but surpassed the goals we set. In comparing the first four weeks following launch with the year prior, the data tells a compelling story:

Of course, the differences aren’t just in the numbers — the visual changes are also drastic:

These outcomes not only align with our team’s initial objectives but underscore the efficacy of our strategic planning and execution. The significant improvements across key performance indicators validate the success of our efforts in driving conversions, increasing user engagement, and optimizing the overall online experience for our audience.



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Ripley Entertainment


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