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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Through The Lens Of - Presenting Luxury Real Estate in the Style of Famous Directors

Winner in Real Estate


Honoring the cinematic tradition of video and filmmaking, Through The Lens Of is a visionary new series by SERHANT. Studios creating short films tailored to the unique personalities of our agents, and the magic of their valued listings. 

At SERHANT. Studios, in an ever shifting industry and atmosphere of audience attention, we sought to push the envelope of marketing and digital media, again. 

‘Through The Lens Of’ is a series that represents a collaborative effort across all departments of SERHANT. Studios to market our properties, and promote our realtors in a way the real estate industry has never seen before. Tailored to the unique nature of the realtor and their select listing, we have written, produced, and edited 5 short films that seek to display the listing in its full potential, starring our SERHANT. agents. 

The property tour has had a formula for years, and at SERHANT. Studios we are proud to have created a series that encourages our audience, and our peers in the industry, to ask what else is possible.

Strategy and Execution

This format allowed our agents to showcase their unique personalities and talents. All of our agents embraced the challenge of helping to world-build these short films of their properties, and their backgrounds, from Andrew Klima’s history as a trained singer, to Tonya Canday’s second profession as an actor, and Brandon Bogard’s past life as a professional skater leading into his ability to perfectly time his biking uphill with the opening of our ‘Wes Anderson’ episode, these unique short films created exciting opportunities for our agents to engage with their audiences in a new and different way.

To support audience engagement with this campaign, we strategically released episodes alongside broader cultural moments. Our first episode, ‘Wes Anderson’ was released on the heels of the viral ‘Like Wes Anderson’ trend of the late summer. Our second episode, ‘Dario Argento’ released in time with the Halloween season, embracing Dario’s dramatic and eerie style. Our third episode, ‘Stanley Kubrick’ released in the winter, who’s style so perfectly fit our signature listing 993 Fifth Avenue, and our fourth episode ‘Frank Capra,’ released at the turn of 2024: an ideal fit for the holidays. Finally, we released our fifth episode ‘Janizca Bravo’ this month, celebrating the incredibly talented director during Black History Month. 

The thorough dedication in craft to consider every element in the production process, as tailored to the specific styles of these individual directors: different cameras, lenses, filters, lighting techniques, color grading techniques, camera movement, costumes, set design, acting styles, music styles, sound design elements, and storytelling was an all encompassing endeavor for every member of production in these short films, and we are all very proud to have been flexible to new styles.

After consulting with our realtor about the listing that best fit a creative project like Through The Lens Of, we would identify a director that fit the vision of the home. Our director of the project Caleb Short would view the various films these individual directors have produced, spanning the entirety of their careers, and write a script that fit their cinematic worldsmatching tone, word choice, and working with our realtors and occasional actors in rehearsal to achieve line delivery that was synergistic with the world building of the film and style fo the director.

Caleb would consult with our director of photography and colorist Skyler Rosendale on camera movement, color, and camera and lens choice to match the visual world of these directors as well. The same considerations applied when considering how to edit and what music or sound design to utilize as well. 

Everytime we asked ourselves the simple and difficult question, “How are we going to do this?” – we found a way, every time, and grew together as a studio. 


Since the launch of the Through The Lens Of series, SERHANT. Studios has continued to redefine the visual storytelling of luxury real estate. This innovative series has garnered over 300,000 impressions across social media platforms, engaging tens of thousands of viewers with its captivating short films. Through just five meticulously produced episodes, Through The Lens Of has showcased over $65M USD worth of New York City's most exquisite properties, contributing to over $31M USD of that portfolio going under contract.

The impact of Through The Lens Of extends far beyond its impressive viewership numbers. It has become a new pivotal element in SERHANT.'s marketing strategy, playing a crucial role in the successful marketing and subsequent sale of luxury properties across NYC. The series enhances the firm's reputation as a leader in innovative real estate marketing. The Through The Lens Of series is one of the most highly requested content formats by SERHANT.'s agents and has established itself as a formidable tool in attracting industry-leading professionals eager to leverage such cutting-edge strategies in their own sales efforts.

The unparalleled quality and effectiveness of SERHANT. Studios' content demonstrates the firm's commitment to excellence and innovation in real estate marketing. Through The Lens Of is more than just a series of short films; it's a testament to SERHANT.'s pioneering approach to real estate marketing and a key asset in its continued success.

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