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Your next surgery could be robotic, and that’s a good thing

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Freethink set out to further position Intuitive as the leading brand in surgical innovations and highlight
their dedication to delivering the highest quality tools for surgeons and delivering better outcomes for

We wanted to highlight the da Vinci robot and all that went into creating it and the benefits from
different perspectives.

The design and engineering of the da Vinci system is filled with technical wonders that are fascinating
for the science-minded and vital for patient outcomes.

The da Vinci surgical robot system brings together the work of thousands of engineers, designers, and
medical professionals.

By looking into how it was made, we’re able to understand more about healthcare, but also about an
array of technological innovations that are leading us into the future.

Strategy and Execution

We wanted to think differently, outside of a medical device explainer video. As a pioneer in the field of
robotic-assisted surgery, Intuitive made its mark on the industry by approaching surgery from a
fundamentally more innovative way. That’s exactly what resonates with our audience. Thinking
differently and making a difference.

Intuitive took that mindset to design and create a technological breakthrough in order to make patient
outcomes even better.

Robotic-assisted surgery allows for faster recovery times than open surgery. For an “open”
prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate gland) a patient would need to stay in the hospital for

at least a few days. With robotic surgery, a patient can be back home within 24 hours.
As the industry leader in robotic surgery, Intuitive is on the forefront of innovation and development in
this field.

Challenges were fleeting as it is very difficult to get access in the medical world but we managed to
tell a powerful and compelling story.


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Freehink Media (Digital Publisher), Intuitive


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