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From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

UA Tracks

Finalist in Music & Dance


Music can make or break your workout. For many trainers, the beat has to drop just right to fire you up for the tough workout ahead. Under Armour was looking to round out and diversify the women’s social content on Instagram and TikTok handles to reflect our broad athlete and influencer roster with culturally relevant content that engages our community. Our goal was to show a glimpse of athlete-life outside of the sport, create personality pieces, and strengthen athlete recognition between them and the Under Armour brand. Thus came UA Tracks, the campaign that checked all the boxes. We tapped our top athletes and trainers on our roster to create a Spotify playlist to amp up our women’s audience for their next sweat sesh.

Strategy and Execution

We partnered with our music-savvy athletes to help us create playlists to fuel our followers by curating custom training mixes based on mood or genre suggestions for Under Armour’s Spotify account. Our athletes then recorded a video using the Green Screen filter, scrolling through their very own playlist and highlighting their song choices, the inspo, and the vibe they went with for their custom playlist. Based on the songs given, we were able to create a custom playlist name and album cover that embodied the playlist’s energy while also highlighting our athlete on the cover for further athlete recognition between them and the brand. Our strategy of using Instagram for community outreach and TikTok for highlighting the playlists allowed us to take advantage of the long nurtured relationships athletes had with their Instagram community while ultimately driving traffic to our newer TikTok account, where features like the green-screen are more endemic. 


Each athlete we partnered with for UA Tracks was thrilled to be making content that was not only thought provoking, but allowed for creative control and tapped into their world outside of typical training and sport.  Overall, season two of UA Tracks received a total of 18.6M views on TikTok. 

When it comes to how the content was received by our audience, Episodes 2 and 3 made it into our top ten most engaged TikToks to date. Episode 2 being in our top five most shared pieces of content on the platform. 


Entrant Company / Organization Name

Under Armour


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