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Twilio on LinkedIn

Finalist in LinkedIn Presence


Our team’s north star: Be a badass social media program that takes risks, sets trends, and pushes the envelope using strategic, data-driven tactics to humanize our brand and drive awareness, recognition, and loyalty.

In 2022 we focused on:

  1. Social-first content to drive engagement and increase brand awareness.

  2. Tracking everything that can be measured to show social’s impact on business.

Strategy and Execution

We aren’t some cool consumer brand like Nike or Apple. You probably haven’t heard of us, but you’ve definitely interacted with Twilio. Got a text saying your Uber’s here? That’s us. 

As consumers, we all deal with the same problems. Waiting on hold for 30 minutes. Shouting “REPRESENTATIVE!” 12 times on a call. Getting an email from a clinic suggesting it’s never too early for a prostate exam when you’re 22 years old… and a woman. Or a promo text about the dozens of hot, single women in your area as a gay man.

Businesses miss the mark all the time, and for the first time in history consumers have a gazillion different options, at our fingertips, to choose from. So every interaction matters.

Twilio is a B2B company that’s revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers. Millions of developers use our code, hundreds of thousands of businesses use our products, and trillions of human interactions occur on our platform annually.

But the honest truth: not everyone can relate to our business solutions. And that’s where we (as in our team of 3) come in as a social program. 

In 2022, we redefined our social voice and style to create an extension of our brand that shows personality like humor and empathy. Our social-first approach humanized what Twilio does and conveyed it memorably, taking our mission, products, and culture and creating content that resonates with you, your parents, even the family you hate seeing at Thanksgiving.

We joked about what we’d rather do than call customer service (have a crowd watch us parallel park, put on wet socks, go to Fyre Festival, etc.). We took a stand on Roe v. Wade in support of reproductive healthcare rights around the world. When the war in Ukraine broke out and floods devastated Pakistan, we posted actions we were taking as a business to offer financial support and assist agencies who use our technology.

And when we needed to read the room and didn’t have the right words, we shut the hell up.

Yes, we have business goals. But we care about our audience and know they have zero obligation to give us their attention. We earn that time by being creative, thoughtful, and authentically human at all times. 


In 2022, our focus on social-first content led us to create more content that kept people on our page. We complety shifted our strategy, allowing for social to drive content instead of content driving social. Essentially, we took complete ownership of what was being posted. We prioritized quality content over quantity, and did significantly more with less. The results to prove it: 

We shipped 228 posts, down 40% YoY, yet we drove:

15% of all registrations to our customer events came through social. We even outdrove paid social registration for SIGNAL, our biggest customer event of the year, and more people tuned in to our keynote on LinkedIn Live than our own virtual platform.

We produced 9 LinkedIn Live broadcasts featuring our CEO and other executives to highlight product releases, our annual customer engagement and DEI reports, and a special broadcast celebrating Trans Day of Visibility with Jeopardy champion Amy Schneider.

Our 27 videos posted to LinkedIn had 200k+ views and 1,500+ hours of watch time.

Our posts about things like Ukraine, Roe v. Wade, and #ShowUsYourLeave got us featured on LinkedIn Daily News, PR News Daily, and scored our CEO an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Not to mention we shipped 6 of 10 of our most viral posts ever.

We did this all, just in case you forgot, with a team of three.


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