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Coming into 2022, IHOP was focused on targeting a younger demographic to grow their consumer base and knew they needed to offer unique value compared to other restaurants in the category to set themselves apart. 

IHOP asked us to bring on an entertainment partner to provide rewards for the new International Bank of Pancakes and to dial up the heat on this campaign with digital opportunities for fans to engage with IHOP, Xbox and learn more about how to earn and redeem game rewards while filling up on pancakes. 

Our objective was to find the perfect combination in a partnership program: one that would increase awareness for the launch of their new International Bank of Pancakes loyalty program, drive download and registration by delivering enticing rewards to customers, and authentically put IHOP in front of a new audience. 


Through our research, we found that 1 in 4 Gen Z’ers had visited an IHOP in the last 6 months (~late 2021) and that Gen Z ranked IHOP in the Top 10 restaurant chains in the US. Leaning into a younger audience and finding ways to convert them was going to be key! We also knew it would be important to show up on all major digital and social platforms to reach this demographic. 

There were many insights and promotional layers to this program, but the digital strategy focused on two main themes: 

We identified and enrolled four well known, paid creators who we knew would go big and get it trending – they genuinely wanted to get their audiences hyped for the new International Bank of Pancakes rewards. To help take their content to the next level, we armed them with an impactful ‘unboxing’ moment to announce the partnership and access to film/stream from nearby IHOP locations. They were given full creative freedom, which allowed them to infuse their unique style and sense of humor that would land with viewers and make for a memorable message. 

The gaming community is burned out on seeing only the top influencers and streamers receiving gifts and collabs that are inaccessible to the rest so fans were at the forefront of our strategy. To match the energy of this fun and unexpected celebration of two iconic brands joining forces, we wanted to give creators and their communities something just as unexpected that would tie IHOP and Xbox together in a way no one saw coming… 

A collectible IHOP syrup caddy with an Xbox twist. 

Decked out with a bright blue Xbox Wireless Controller and mobile phone holder, this fresh take on the classic IHOP caddy holds four of IHOP’s favorite flavors, renamed with references from Forza Horizon 5, Grounded and Party Animals - ready to take breakfast gaming to the next level. 

Delivering caddies to more than 75 creators, media and fans generated a wave of content to drive new member sign-ups and awareness for the International Bank of Pancakes rewards. Then we took it one step further, coordinating with an IHOP near Microsoft to host the first live stream from inside the restaurant. Co-hosts ordered from the IHOP Xbox menu, played games at their table, and gave away prizes to the Xbox Twitch community. Everybody wins. 


Partnership affinity was through the roof! All success benchmarks were met and exceeded:

For our secondary objective - driving awareness - the campaign achieved over 1 Billion PR impressions, earned consistently positive media coverage from Forbes, IGN and GameRant, and became a top trend on YouTube. Dine Brand’s CEO also referred to the partnership as a catalyst for success during a recent TD Ameritrade Network interview. 

This was the first ever gaming partnership for IHOP, putting them on the map as ‘one to watch’ within the gaming community. They added value authentically for gamers, and brought the IHOP loyalty program front and center with a highly-invested Xbox audience of more than 158M console owners. 

Because of this promotion, IHOP has built lasting relationships with well-known gaming influencers who were a perfect fit to represent and connect with pancake-loving multiplayers everywhere. The proof is in the comments. Fans want more from IHOP and Xbox!


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tripleclix, IHOP


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