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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Radio City Rockettes - Precision Dance Spin on AJR's "World's Smallest Violin"

Audience Honor in Dance Video


The Radio City Rockettes, the iconic precision dance company, have brought joy to millions of fans from all over the world through the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The dance company’s multi-platform digital content, which features the Rockettes, spreads holiday joy and a love of dance to audiences worldwide. 

We tapped into the organic viral nature of TikTok and Instagram’s vibrant dance community in order to seamlessly participate in relevant social conversation and showcase the strength of our brand in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Through our original, engaging dance videos, we’ve been able to strategically demonstrate that the Rockettes are a year-round dance company, and that classic styles of dance can be relevant and compelling when executed with a modern flare and the precision technique the Rockettes are known for. 

Strategy and Execution

It can be tough to make a splash on platforms like TikTok and Instagram that are already heavily saturated with dance content. Recognizing how amazing the dancing duo Cost n’ Mayor is at creating eye-catching choreography and capitalizing on trends, we strategically partnered with them during the summer to create exciting dance content to keep our audiences engaged outside of the holiday season. We took this a step further as we approached our peak holiday season. 

In recent years, the Rockettes have been modernizing their classic precision style of dance to integrate it into engaging short-form video content. In this video, we incorporated our own precision dance techniques into the choreography made popular by Cost n’ Mayor to AJR’s song “World’s Smallest Violin.” We also opted to have the Rockettes perform the majority of the dance in their signature branded rehearsal apparel and then at the end of the video surprised the viewer with a quick cut to them in an iconic costume from the Christmas Spectacular. Ultimately, we successfully melded our choreography with Cost n’ Mayor’s, established brand recognition with our Rockettes gear, and increased watch time with our nod to the holidays at the end of the video. 

Navigating TikTok and Instagram as a legacy brand presents a unique challenge in deciphering what trends to engage with, and then developing content quickly in order to participate in the trend while it’s still relevant. In this instance, the unique choreography and trending song proved to be the perfect combination, jumpstarting our content ahead of the holidays. 


What happens when you combine choreography from popular creators on TikTok with the precision dance techniques of the Rockettes? An instant hit! 

The organic integration of our Rockettes precision dance style continues to prove successful as this video went viral within three days of uploading, earning more than 2M views and more than 300K engagements across both TikTok and Instagram. With a total of 6.7M video views, a whopping 669K engagements and a 53.2K TikTok follower increase, this was the Rockettes top-performing dance trend video of the year, and led to the largest follower growth spike of 2022 – all in October before our most-engaged season – the holidays – even began!  


Video for The Radio City Rockettes - Precision Dance Spin on AJR's "World's Smallest Violin"

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