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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Northman - Shooting The Raid

Entered in Featurette or Behind The Scenes Video


To help the marketing and promotion of the Universal Pictures Home Entertainment release of The Northman, we were asked to create added value content that could be included across all platforms and used to create additional content to be shared on social media. Using hours of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, we created a making of featurette that spotlights a pivotal and complex scene in the film.

Strategy and Execution

The Northman is a film that is a historically accurate depiction of Viking Life/Culture. The filmmakers worked tirelessly to recreate every detail as true and exact as possible in the film. It was our mission to showcase their efforts in a succinct and effective manner. After reviewing several hours of footage, we conducted our own research into Viking Culture including reading the same novel that filmmakers used as a guide… Children of Ash and Elm by Neil Price. It was important for our team to understand the filmmakers’ approach. For this featurette, it was central to show how all the different teams came together to depict the brutality of Berserkers in Norse life. It covers all the elements of a single scene within the film… Our team spent time reviewing interviews from the Production Designer, Stunt Coordinator, Weapons Experts, Costumers, Cinematographer, etc, crafting a script that explained how all the intricate details from each team came together to create a precise and choreographed scene that

played out in two shots total. We then pulled behind-the-scenes footage and film clips that illustrated the talking points in the script, adding graphics and sound design to complete an edit that was concise and informative. This piece was a fun and fascinating look at how a single scene was created in cinema; this experience allowed us to create something unique and entertaining for a wide audience and film lovers of all kinds.


We received high praise from the client and filmmakers. The piece was subsequently used for social media campaigns and localized to allow it to be seen by various territories outside the English-speaking world.


Video for The Northman - Shooting The Raid

Entrant Company / Organization Name

Pixelogic, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment