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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Colin Cowherd Podcast

Finalist in Sports & Health Podcast


The Volume continues to find new ways to engage with fans, changing how they consume sports content. In a crowded, fast-moving digital landscape, The Volume has risen above the pack by consistently innovating new ways to provide fans with content and beating other networks to the punch with quicker upload times and better content.


When sports icon Colin Cowherd launched his own podcast network, The Volume, there wasn’t a doubt that he would bring the same personality and boldness to the flagship show, The Colin Cowherd Podcast. Colin Cowherd has long been a de facto voice of sports nationwide. Beloved for years in households across the country, he’s already a massively influential figure in the world of broadcasting, known for his entertaining and thought-provoking commentary, and his willingness to speak his mind on any topic. He’s often called the most interesting man in sports media, seeing the world through a unique prism, delivering perspectives fans can’t find anywhere else.


The Colin Cowherd Podcast shows off Colin as a genius commentator with a sparky personality and dynamic delivery. Bringing a renewed, measured focus to industry analysis, dialing back the audacity in favor of broadly enjoyable, expert opinions on current sports happenings, Colin Cowherd’s new podcast is both the North Star of The Volume’s audio offerings and the work of an industry icon at his best.

Strategy and Execution

The Volume has always strived to be more than a podcast network. It has become a robust video offering that captures the “always on” social media ethos by delivering content during and immediately after games, presenting a highly valuable revenue opportunity. With instant reactions to the biggest moments in sports, personalities like Colin Cowherd have become the go-tos for post-game coverage. The Volume is essentially a case study on how to launch and grow a successful YouTube channel. Part of its secret sauce is leveraging star broadcasters with news-making potential. Who better to lead this new initiative than one of the most famous voices in the industry, Colin Cowherd? 


The Volume’s flagship show, The Colin Cowherd Podcast, has quickly gained popularity for its unique blend of sports talk, humor, and ad hoc commentary. Through tactically crafted guest slates, showing big names like Joe Burrow, Peyton Manning, and Michael Rubin, The Volume team has solidified itself as a hub of the best and brightest in the industry. 


The show is at its best when Colin can offer his hot takes off-the-cuff and candidly discuss the biggest moments of the season as they happen. Video of Colin reacting to Sean Payton’s decision to become the new head coach of the Broncos garnered over 241k views on YouTube. When Colin revealed his theory on why Tony Romo's performance in the booth plummeted to the point where CBS apparently had to have an intervention, it resulted in 225k views. 


Always ahead of the curve, The Volume team eagerly jumped on the recent sports betting trend with the popular podcast segment “Sharp or Square,” which sees Colin place his cards on the table and reveal his bets for the biggest NFL games of the season. It’s up to Colin’s guests to decide whether his bets are sharp (great) or square  (not so great). This segment has skyrocketed in popularity this year. In February 2022, YouTube video of “Sharp or Square”  only garnered 12.5k views. This year, however, Colin’s Super Wild Card and Divisional Round videos accumulated more than 80k views each.


The Volume team not only knows how to leverage a big name like Colin to develop the best content, but also knows how to curate it. Through masterful production and distribution, with three full episodes a week, fans have access to Colin’s most exciting commentary and realest reactions to need-to-know sports news wherever they want. Colin’s most recent top takes include why the Super Bowl proved the NFL boycott failed, and why he’s skeptical of Aaron Rodgers' total darkness retreat.


The Volume continues to develop strategic partnerships with key players within the sports industry to expand its audience. In an effort to reach the coveted demographic of young sports fans, The Volume partnered with FanDuel, which enhances coverage of big games, encourages customers to bet along with talent and create custom parlays, and gives fans an even bigger stake in the action.


We believe that the ability to deliver content live, allowing hosts to immediately provide post-game commentary and instantly connect with loyal communities, is fast becoming a new industry standard that will inspire the evolution of sports media and bring fans ever-closer to the exhilarating content and athletes they love.  


In a crowded, fast-moving digital landscape, The Colin Cowherd Podcast is central to The Volume’s fight to rise above the pack by consistently innovating new ways to provide fans with content and beating other networks to the punch. Case in point: Colin Cowherd’s instant reaction to the Cowboys’ 

loss to the 49ers in the NFL Divisional Round became the #1 trending video across all of YouTube, generating more than 400k views in the first 24 hours.


The Colin Cowherd Podcast is a case study that exemplifies how The Volume used video to drive an aggressive digital strategy, leading to staggering growth and engagement across all social channels. On YouTube, The Volume’s subscriber base added 470k followers, growing by nearly 500% year-to-year. TikTok drove similar massive growth, generating an additional 142k followers, 550% growth from the previous year. 


Through the savvy of leading his own network, and expertly crafting his own show, Colin Cowherd has created a new benchmark for success for sports media personalities in the industry today. Commentators, producers, and podcasters will attempt to copy his recipe for success for years to come. 


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